Who I Am

I didn’t set out to be a “blogger” but now that I am one I’m finding it delightful.

My intent was simply to use this as a tool to store my daily writing attempts, rather than using google docs or my old journal. I do a verbal blurt for thirty minutes every day and I needed a place in which to do them. Other mediums weren’t making the practice easy to conduct or organize.

I’ve realized very quickly that not only do I very much enjoy using a blog for my daily verbal blurt, but there are others who do the same thing. Other people are out there who are like me, who need to tear their hearts open and get their insides out onto a page or, like me, they wind up a twisted, internally focused being who is constantly confused by the world because they haven’t taken the time to sit back and try to make sense of it.

That’s what writing is to me, you see. It’s that time when I sit and allow the words that are constantly swirling in my head to come out of me. It is a purge of all the stress and poison that hurts me if it stays in my soul. It is exposing the deep dark corners of myself and letting them run free in the world.

When they are caged I am a sad, broken thing. I am smaller and I am a twisted, contorted version of a self that has so much potential to feel light and joy and love but is blocked because of the darkly twisted beasts that the words become when they are not set free.

When they are free I am free. I do not mind taking up space. I stand up straighter. I allow my shoulders to be broad and for a while, I feel no shame about my height. I look people in the eye and I can smile and be confident because I have let the darkness out of me. I am lighter from it.

It is a twist on life, to have found this ability.

That is me. That is my ‘about me.’

Next up for me is figuring out how to turn that rambling rant into an actual ‘about me’ page.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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