Random musing: The energetic neighbor lady

One of my neighbors on my cul-de-sac is retired, but she doesn’t seem to have gotten the hang of taking it easy.

We got snow for the third day in a row here, and it’s quite icy out. Schools are closed and everyone who can has either taken the day off or is working from home.


This neighbor of mine would normally have a childcare gig she would work today, but the parents are at home so she wasn’t needed.

What does she do? She cleans off her car and very slowly makes her way to a local homeless shelter, to help them out however she can.

I’m on my couch in flannel pajamas, slippers, and fuzzy bathrobe for the third day in a row, looking at the steep slope of our street and thinking, “Oh hell, no.”

She’s cleaning off her car and risking life and limb to get out and help people.

I feel like such a ridiculously lazy schlub.


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