The Moon, My Love

I believe in the power of the moon and the planets to impact us and our emotions. I believe in their ability to change human emotions on deep, current like level.

We cannot resist these pulls in our emotional depths any more than we might be able to change the movement of the tides. They are there and they are true and understanding them helps us evolve and grow.

I wrote the first draft of this post last night. This morning, the fates spoke to me and a wonderful thread on twitter about this very topic became known to me.

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My energies rise and fall according to the time of the moon. At the full moon, I have energy. I am ready to howl.

At the new moon, I am quiet and restful.

My menstrual cycle follows this pattern as well. At the new moon, I am menstruating. At the full moon, I am ovulating.

I love thinking back to hunter-gatherer days and imagining myself at one with the lifestyle then. At the new moon, when it is dark out and dangers are hard to see, I am more likely to stay indoors and rest. At the full moon, when a moonlit night is almost bright as day at times, I would wish to be out and about.

Perhaps to meet a lover, perhaps to run and play with my friends.

The full moon is for energetic activities. It is for being playful. There are livelier spirits in me during the full moon.

The new moon is for curling up at home, for advanced introversion.

pexels-photo.jpgI feel connected to the ocean and the moon and the tides. My energy is in sync with the movements of the planets. This pleases me.

I don’t want to impact this. When, in the past, I’ve taken birth control pills, it impacted my cycle and made me feel detached from the moon. I didn’t like it. I missed it like I would miss a friend. I wanted that connection again. I longed for it.

I’ve never been on birth control for very long as a result. It bothers me too much.

The moon is my friend and I look for it at every opportunity. In the Pacific Northwest part of the United States, it’s a wonderful rarity when a clear night occurs on the night of a full moon. It’s rare I get to see my old friend, and when I do it fills me with joy. I want to stare at it and drink it in, savor every moment with it, to restore my connection with it until the next time we meet.

pexels-photo-556669.jpegThe moon helps me feel whole. It helps me feel real. It tells me I am here, I exist, I matter. I can’t say why. But it does. And when it’s lacking, I get sad. I get sad in the way some get sad when they are without sunlight for too long, without daylight. That’s how I feel about the night and about the moon.

My wall calendar at home is in the lunar cycle. My month starts on the new moon and mid-month is the full moon. Yesterday, March 1st, was the middle of the month. If like me, you long to be more connected to the pull of the moon’s cycles, I highly recommend it.


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