Discarding Old Voices

You are not the things your ex-partner told you that you were.

You are not the things the old voices in your head tells you to believe.

The old voices can be put to the side. They are Old Voices. Not wise voices. Not aged voices. Outdated voices.

pexels-photo-167584.jpegVoices to be ignored.

They are not the voice of your present.

They probably weren’t valid in the past, either.

They are in your head and hard to let go of. They have kept you company for so long, these voices.

They tell you with concern about all the things they find wrong with you. They want to help you, they say. They aren’t being purposefully cruel, you think.

And yet, you’re 41 years old now. You are no longer in your developing stages. You’re a competent adult and you are managing your life marvelously.

The old voices tell you that you are not enough and they are wrong.

You know what you have to work on. You can choose what you want to work on. Nobody decides your self-growth priorities but you.

Nobody decides except you where you want to learn and grow and expand.

Nobody decides except you where you want to soften sharp edges.

You get to decide whether you like yourself or not.

You get to decide, now that you are older, whether you want to maintain relationships with people who don’t like you.

You get to decide if you believe them when they say they love you.

You get to decide if their behavior makes you feel loved. You get to distance yourself if it does not.

You get to decide what voices to listen to.


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