Getting Stronger, Inside and Out

It occurred to me that I might go to a coffee shop to write today but I lack the nerve. While I’ve recovered to a large degree, I am still hesitant to go to a new place alone.

I hope to someday soon have that small amount of courage. I think I would enjoy being out and with people without interacting with them much.

It will happen very soon, I’m sure. I feel myself getting stronger by the day.

This has been accelerated by a renewed commitment to working out.

I mentioned I picked up Jillian Michael’s Beginner Shred a week or so ago. Back in my more fit days, I adored her 30 Day Shred. At my current level of fitness, though, I knew I would injure myself if I tried using it now.

Best $12 I’ve ever spent.

Imagine my delight when I found she had created a Beginner Shred DVD. It’s divided into three 20-25 minute long workouts, each meant to be done for 10 days in a row. Each workout includes three circuits which are each done twice.

I enjoyed the hell out of the first routine and graduated to the second of the three today. It kicked my ass and I feel amazing.

In the years since I stopped strength training, I had somehow forgotten how much I love muscle soreness.

More importantly, though, I had forgotten the confidence and high one achieves from strengthening workouts vs cardio.

Cardio exhausts me and fatigues me. Strengthening (with some cardio intervals mixed in) energizes me. I had missed it and I am loving doing it again.

I had forgotten how feeling physically strong makes me stand up straighter and feel better about looking people in the eye. I had forgotten emotional strength increases when I work on physical strength.

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This week and a half of solidly working out has already changed me significantly, both emotionally and physically.

I can see physical changes. My stomach appears flatter. My jeans fit me better. My curves are smoother.

Emotionally, my confidence and self-esteem are skyrocketing.

I haven’t lost a single pound and I don’t care. My personality is changing dramatically because my feelings about myself are changing dramatically.

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Tomorrow, I will go on a long walk with a friend and her dogs, and she will take photos of me to use in an online dating profile.

I will be in workout clothes. My shape will show.

It is not an amazing shape. It is not one that will ever be highlighted in a fitness magazine.

But it is MINE and it is not one I am ashamed of any longer.

I am physically stronger and it is making me feel emotionally stronger.

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