My Cat Is On Drugs

My cat let me sleep a grand total of two hours last night. He had some health issues last summer. He’s fine now. Somehow in the process of getting better, though, what had been rather endearingly clingy behavior became full-throttle anxiety issues, and now he can’t stand to have me out of his sight or to let me sleep.

My sleep graph from last night. Gray bars show when I was out of bed. Light blue bars show when the cat and I were disputing whether it was reasonable for me to be allowed to sleep at night.

Last night was the worst he’s ever been, but he’s routinely disruptive enough that I had planned to call the vet today anyway.

We did a full work up on him about a month ago to rule out any physical issues, so I felt confident calling him up and simply saying, “Give my kitty drugs or I’m turning him into an area rug.”

Don’t be fooled by his adorable countenance. He’s a MONSTER.

Just kidding. I didn’t actually say that. I was too tired today to make jokes.

Anyway, my cat is starting anti-anxiety medication tonight. Please cross your fingers and send me good vibes that it will kick in quickly. If I don’t get a good night of sleep soon I don’t know what will become of me.

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