Not My Kid

Monster Cat started on anti-anxiety meds on Monday. On both Monday and Tuesday night, he actually slept through the night (or let me sleep through the night, anyway).

I had been told that it could take up to 4-6 weeks for the medication to take effect, but I wasn’t surprised that it took effect on him far faster than anticipated.

The rare Monster Cat in his natural habitat.

You see… I thought to myself… since I’ve always been very sensitive to medications, it isn’t shocking to me that my cat is as well.

This was when that something in my head said, “Wait. Hold on. Something in this logic is flawed. What’s going on here?”

I paused for a second…

Right. My cat and I don’t share DNA. He’s a cat. I am not.

Yeah. Apparently, I haven’t fully caught up on sleep yet.


  1. I have to remind myself of that about mine, too, sometimes 🙂 Monster Cat is so cute and handsome! I’m glad the meds are helping him sleep 🙂

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