Nourishing the mind

twitter-facebook-together-exchange-of-information-147413.jpegLess screen time, more books.

Less stimulation, more meditation.

I arrived back at home last night after a week away and I am quite deliriously happy about it.

I slept in my own bed, sprawled out and warm and cozy, with both cats cuddled up against me. I woke feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I woke feeling motivated to revisit better life habits.

I felt excited about going to to the office and resuming daily routines.

I felt excited to work out this morning and to start feeling physically stronger again.

I felt excited about reconnecting with my heart and finding a way to start writing words and thoughts I respect again.

I felt excited to get deep into the bones once more. I think I’ve come up with strategies to do it.

Less screen time, more books.

Less stimulation, more meditation.

I cannot write the bones while I am scattered and in distress, and I fear my social media and TV show addictions have caused me to become thus.

I feel disconnected from self, in a constant anxious haze, unable to reach the parts of me that long for love and attention.

It is a miserable state of existence and I am frustrated and upset by it. Frustrated by the constant scrolling, the constant yearning for a hit of adrenaline, the seeking for the next big emotion. It is a recipe for feeling unsettled and dissatisfied and I’ve had enough.

The time has come to nourish my mind the way I try to nourish my body and soul. My brain cannot continue on this path of addiction. It sputters and starts and stalls on me. It rebels against its misuse.

I strive to feed my body quality nourishment. I have not given my brain the same honor.

It is now the end of the day and I have no more to say on this right now. I am tired. My brain is tired. It is overused in all the wrong ways and it is exhausted.

Tonight, I will shut down my laptop and my phone. I will watch a movie. I will focus on just one thing, and I will try to settle my mind this way.

Tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll start feeling better. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll feel capable of picking up a book or writing something more worthy than this.

Today, I will take care of my brain and allow it to relax.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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