We Made History: Women’s Rights March, 2017

This is a throwback post; an entry from my journal from January 22, 2017.

“Am in the air right now, flying back from DC.

“We made history yesterday. Largest protest in US history. And, suddenly, news broadcasts have changed. The word ‘liar’ is finally being used. The term ‘gaslighting’ is being openly discussed.

“I look forward to seeing what other changes occur as a result of the sheer massiveness of our numbers. We were 500,000 in DC, and over 2 million across the country. Another million people marched in other countries. People who stand against Trump and all he represents now know without question they are not alone, and even those who might have stood with Trump must on some level now recognize that if they wish to be reelected it would behoove them to grow a pair and stand up to his bullying.

“In other good news, I had a wonderful time with my mother. I cried, we bonded, and she never annoyed me at all. We connected as women who have suffered injustices from men and our relationship will be forever changed as a result.

“It has been a magical time. Suddenly any emotions I have about the Narcissist and the aftermath of our relationship feel put into harsh perspective. He and his kind matter very little. It is the rest of us who will lead the revolution.”

What are your thoughts on this post?

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