Nutrition and Depression/Anxiety

I am trying to get better regarding my nutritional intake.

I follow a Paleo lifestyle and have done so for years. Avoiding sugar, gluten and dairy is routine for me.

Keeping my body nourished makes it easier to stay grounded and present. My brain stays with me rather than getting lost in past trauma.

The reverse is true, too. At times, I fail to nourish my body and feed it quality fuel. The result is my body feels bloated and ill and my mind suffers.

Depressive cycles hit. Anxious thoughts become harder to control.

In recent months, it has been difficult to nourish me. My nutritional and cooking repertoire has become stale. As a result, I eat foods I know will cause me to feel ill.

As a result, I’ve gained ten pounds since last August.

I try to maintain body positive views. I do my best to avoid judging my size and appearance in unhealthy ways.

I hate clothes shopping.

Practically speaking, the attire I own is too small and physically uncomfortable, and I’d rather start eating better than have to deal with buying new clothes.

My sister and her family are vegan. I have enjoyed some delicious meals with them. These meals have inspired me to prepare vegan dishes at home.

I’ve found a few recipes that meet my nutritional goals. They are free of gluten and soy, and low carb. I’ve been happy with how my body and mind respond to them.

I am eating less meat than I was a few weeks ago. I’m astounded to realize how little I miss it.

It’s working for me like strict Paleo does, at the times I manage to stick with it. My brain feels cleaner and in my control. My body works for me instead of against me.

I won’t eliminate meat from my diet. Increasing my plant-based intake feels pretty awesome, though.

In fact, I’m making this tonight and I can’t wait:

Mediterranean quinoa with spinach and chickpeas:


  1. This is a really interesting and insightful post. Thank you for sharing! I’d love for you to check out my blog; where I share tips on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Have an awesome day 🙂

  2. I like to hear about someone who has struggles similar to mine. My experience with food may be identical to yours. My biggest challenge is bread, because good bread is art. So I schedule it in. I know I will be achy and lethargic for 3 days if I eat it, so I make sure I have room for the down time. Waiting for a friend’ who loves Italian food like I do to come to town, and already have the restaurant picked out.

    1. Rock on with your bad self! Soda is the worst. Is cutting out meat something that works for you? I’ve noticed myself minimizing meat intake but it is not a goal, per se. I know it’s controversial and unpopular to say so, but I don’t feel meat has a negative impact on one’s health.

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for asking. I avoid all sugars, refined and natural. I even keep fresh fruit to a minimum. Anything that raises blood glucose levels winds up making me feel pretty gross, which then makes it far too easy for me to fall into another depressive cycle.

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