DSW customer service: A tirade.

I’ve never before now had any trouble returning items ordered online by shipping them back to the merchant. With this first attempt to return by mail to DSW they have, by far, provided the worst, most disorganized, most impersonal and unhelpful “customer service” I’ve ever experienced.

I almost exclusively buy things online. I don’t go to stores much at all, mostly because of my anxiety about seeing people, and traffic, and driving, and directions, and feeling like there’s too much to get done on any given day anyway.

So, here’s what happened. It started simply enough. I ordered a pair of shoes online.

  • May 5th: Date I received my shoe order
  • May 8th: Date I put my shoes in the mail for return, with a request that a different pair be sent
  • May 25th: Date I contacted DSW with concern about the return not having been received by them. No assistance was provided. They didn’t care.
  • June 28th: A month and a half after the return was sent, I received notification that the returned was received. A refund was issued.
  • July 8th, 3:15pm: Two months after the return was sent, the request for a replacement item was indicated as received and processing. Wait, what? I was astounded. I assumed it had been lost, and I certainly no longer wanted them.
  • July 8th, 3:28pm: Thirteen minutes after notification was sent that the order was being processed, I contacted them and requested they cancel the replacement order immediately.

Despite my repeated protests, DSW did not allow me to cancel the order for the replacement item and charged my card for it. I begged, I pleaded, I threatened.

They said it was too late as the order had already been shipped. I didn’t receive shipment notification until four days later. The order arrived 11 days after I started fighting the order and the charge.

Additionally, every email received was from a different person and every last one reeked of being a canned response.

Trying their phone number resulted in a busy signal every time.

I’ve contacted my bank and am disputing the transaction, and I’ll never try to return anything via mail to DSW ever again. As an added insult, they charge an $8.25 “return fee” for items returned by mail… unless one requests a replacement item with their return.

Yes, it is possible to return the item in a store at no charge. I am glad both DSW and the bank are not questioning me on this. There are a broad variety of reasons any person might not want to go to a physical location, and, frankly, they are none of anybody’s business.

TL; DR version: DSW customer service sucks. Don’t try to return items by mail to them. Order online, return in store. If you don’t want to return in store, don’t order from DSW. Consider yourself warned.

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