Packing for Ireland and a Fall Wardrobe Refresh

It’s almost time for my trip to London and Ireland! And since it appears Ireland’s summer weather is somewhat equivalent to the fall weather where I live, I’ve used the trip as an excuse to do a bit of shopping.

My fashion style is pretty much, “see if I can wear sleepwear all the time without anybody noticing.” This goes double for a vacation. The goals were to find things that are comfortable, easy to layer, and not prone to wrinkling. I also invested in a new raincoat and some waterproof shoes, which I’ll show you below as well.

First, though, I must show you the dresses I found.

This Tom’s Ware Womens Casual Fit and Flare Sleeveless Dress is a dream come true. The fabric is thick but breathable, stretchy, soft, doesn’t seem prone to wrinkles, washes well, and is comfortable as all get out. Plus, there are 34 color and pattern options. Granted, it’s all florals and solids, so if that’s not your jam, sorry, but it’s definitely mine. I bought hazelnut and dark red, but am considering returning the hazelnut and getting this floral one instead.

As an unexpected bonus, the cut makes my tits look fantastic.

Secondly, my favorite “kind of a nightshirt but maybe I can fool people” kind of dress: The t-shirt dress. You can give it a fancy name — this one is called the “MOLERANI Women’s Casual Plain Short Sleeve Simple T-Shirt Loose Dress” — but let’s be honest, it’s really just a big goddamn t-shirt and it’s fabulous. This one is nicer than others I’ve tried in that it has a nice swing to it, due to a bit of a flare at the bottom. Plus, it has all the benefits the fit and flare dress does. The fabric is thick but breathable, stretchy, soft, doesn’t seem prone to wrinkles, washes well, and is comfortable as all get out. I bought it in purple and dark green.

Untitled 2
“T-shirt dress” or “nightshirt”? You decide.

Here is how I “dressed up” this nightdress. Denim jacket, cropped black leggings, wedge heeled sandals, and a scarf. Definitely comfortable enough to feel like sleepwear, but somewhat more acceptable to be seen in public in.

Please pardon my unmade and very messy bed.

Next up, a new raincoat.

My old “raincoat” was the Columbia Sportswear “Splash A Little” and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. It just didn’t look great on me, although it got the job of keeping me dry done just fine. When I accidentally left it at a restaurant while on a business trip over a year ago, I wasn’t terribly distraught. However, I didn’t get around to replacing it until now.

Behold, my newest love: this Levi’s Rain Jacket.

Untitled 3
Doesn’t look like much, but it’s exactly what I wanted.

It hits all my must-haves: has a hood and big pockets. Fits over normal clothing. Drapes well. Longer length. And the material is nice and thick, making it look like a far more pricey coat than it actually is.

I’ll definitely wear the heck out of this.

And now for my favorite topic: Shoes.

I wore some waterproof booties from Target nearly daily through fall, winter, and spring this past year (unfortunately I’m no longer seeing them on the Target website, or else I’d show them to you). They were fine. Definitely waterproof, and comfortable enough, but not terribly stylish or the most comfortable shoe imaginable.

I decided to step it up a little this year (so to speak). I enjoyed knowing my shoes were waterproof to such a huge degree that it seemed worth it to invest in nicer waterproof shoes that made me feel super cute, along with being functional.

Plus, I’m going to Ireland. I’m sure I’ll appreciate having dry feet while there.

I tried on many pairs of shoes and ultimately wound up with two. It’s pure coincidence that they both run a bit small. I’m usually a size 10, maybe a 10.5 at times. With each of the shoes below, I needed an 11. I’m glad I read the reviews before placing my order.

The first of the two pairs is from Blondo. This is not a brand I had heard of before my Trunk Club stylist included a pair in one of my trunks. The size 10 fit me terribly, but I was intrigued by the idea of a ridiculously cute waterproof shoe. Some quick internet research showed the whole line is adorable and waterproof.

She had sent a bootie, and while I liked it well enough I knew I wanted a fashion sneaker with me on this trip. I’m sure there will be a lot of walking every day. Once I noticed the Blondo Gracie trying it out was a no-brainer.

Untitled 4
So cute! So comfortable! So versatile! And… waterproof!

Next, we have a whim purchase. I received an email from Nordstrom Rack about a flash sale on Sorel brand shoes. I’ve heard of Sorel and know they’re reputed to have decent shoes, so I took a look.

Behold, the Sorel Farah Short Waterproof Suede Bootie.

Untitled 5
I didn’t think it possible to love shoes as much as I love these.

They’re incredibly comfortable and look great with dresses, skirts, and jeans. Plus they were on sale for 50% off and I got an Ebates bonus from the purchase.

And that’s it. I bought a bunch of cozy new cardigans from Amazon as well, and a few other comfy dresses from ThredUp, but these are the favorites of all the new purchases.

I’m ready for Ireland!


I decided not to keep these waterproof Oxford-like shoes from Teva because I couldn’t rationalize the price tag. I keep thinking about them, so I have a hunch they’ll be in my future at some point. They were quite adorable and comfortable.

Teva Women’s W DE LA Vina Dos Shoe

Untitled 6
My word, are they cute. But one has to draw the line somewhere, I suppose. 


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