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New Moon in Sagittarius

“The last new moon of 2018 has us going out on an incredibly high note. Next to Jupiter, its ruler, this new moon is auspiciously situated. …A new moon in the same sign as Jupiter, with this much strength, imbues everything we begin at this time with some cosmic special sauce.”

Chani Nicholas, Horoscopes for the New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2018

Confession: I love astrology. (Astrology and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse)

I also love Chani Nicholas.

Understanding my chart has helped me see and understand my strength. It helps me feel connected to my Core Self; that part of me that can’t be taken away or destroyed. The Narcissist’s word salad and double talk made me believe so much I thought I knew and liked about myself either didn’t exist or were negative traits.

There were some things he couldn’t get to, though, and those are the traits that remained after the relationship. Those are the parts of me that are the foundation of Self. After being torn apart, it was what I rebuilt on top of.

I don’t look at daily horoscopes. I don’t find them useful. I prefer reading about themes astrologers see in planetary movements.

My favorite astrologer to read is by far Chani Nicholas.

“We succeed when we are confident enough to share what we have without need for praise in return. Jupiter in Sagittarius and this new moon want to school us in the subtle art of having faith in our ability to expand no matter who would rather we stayed small.”

Chani Nicholas, Horoscopes for the New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2018

Her words and horoscopes are inspiring and insightful, and her writing is magnificent. Highly recommend checking her out.

With Chani Nicholas, though, I always feel she touches on the things that are most important in my life at the moment. I am a Cancer rising, Virgo sun, so I read what she writes on both Cancer and Virgo. It’s always on target and exactly what I need to hear at the moment.

For example…

Each time I heal some piece of my past, I get to experience more of my potential. The more I lose interest in the relationships that dangle only the promise of connection in front of me, the more I know I am worthy of love. The more grounded I feel, the less interested I am in doing the things that sabotage my best efforts. 

Chani Nicholas, Horoscopes for the New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2018

I’ll write more about my dating life this weekend, but this mirrors precisely what’s been going through my head this week as I evaluate what I’m learning and practicing as I reenter the dating scene. 

I’m looking forward to telling you all about it very soon. For now, though, I must hustle my butt off to work. Happy Friday, all. 

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