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The Dog Walker

Yesterday morning, I posted a dating update. In it, I expressed joy in someone (nickname: the sexy professor) having surprised me once I gave them a chance to do so.

He isn’t at all who I thought he was, and I enjoyed my second date with him immensely. I’m glad I gave him a second chance. It paid to not make a snap judgment about him. It makes me wonder… what other delightful surprises might be in my future due to allowing new men into my life?

Yesterday’s Dating Update

I also expressed that I wasn’t planning on giving a different man, the dog walker, a second chance.

It was a pain in the ass to settle on a time and location for our first meeting; much more so than typical. The dog walker put it on me to do all the legwork. He expressed at the time that he was aware of this, and promised if we got together again it would be different and he’d take the lead. This has not happened, and mentioning it to him is emotional labor I’m not interested in taking on.

Also Yesterday’s Dating Update

It was quite hypocritical of me. I was willing to give one man a second chance, but not another? I had a wonderful time when I gave the sexy professor a second chance. I even felt compelled to write an entire post about it. And yet, I wasn’t bothering to do so with the dog walker. 

I can’t believe none of you called me out on this. What a bunch of slackers. (*kidding*)

Yesterday, the dog walker sent another whiny text about wanting to see me. He told me an incident had occurred (details unnecessary for purposes of this recounting). Our conversation:

Him: [Thing] happened.
Me: Ooooh, is it story time? Tell!
Him: I’d need at least two drinks and no keyboard.
Me: Ah well.
Him: I can recall it at will in the future if necessary.
Me: [thumbs up emoji]
Him: That is, if we go out again before I forget.

I didn’t respond for a while after that. Holy moly, dude, just tell me when you’re free and suggest something to do. Or vice versa. The hinting and attempts at manipulation rather than just asking are driving me nuts.

But, okay. Second chances. Couldn’t hurt. The worst thing that might happen is I don’t want to see him again after hanging out with him a second time, in which case, I would tell him so and life would go on. I mean, I’m sure he’d be devastated, but he would get over it if given enough time and therapy, don’t you think? (*insert sarcastic tone here*)

Me: I’m free Thursday, are you?
Him: I do believe I’m unburdened by social engagements on Thursday.
Me: Sweet. Your turn to pick the venue. I’m free anytime after 5. Here’s a link to a page with great restaurant/bar recommendations, since you said you don’t know any local places yet.
Him: Ugh. Great. Homework. Blech. 

Ah, well. I tried. Next!


    1. He got one more chance, but… Yeah. No more. Been there, done that with the relationships (and friendships!) where 100% of the emotional labor falls on me. I don’t need people in my life who exhaust me. Nobody does!

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