Just a random dose of cat cuteness

It’s the holidays. Which, of course, means life is crazy busy and for the most part I’m in a brain-dead stupor of wondering which day it is and how many things I’m forgetting to do.

I wish I knew the source for this so I could cite it. I don’t.

One constant for this time of year is ham. I always buy a spiral ham at Christmas, and always have a ton of leftovers after the day.

My cats, Abigail and Oliver, love this. They don’t have much interest in human food, but ham is one of the rare exceptions, and their enthusiasm for it vastly exceeds their excitement about anything else I might eat.

My two monsters. Oliver on the left, Abigail on the right.

They aren’t allowed to have much of it. They’re both pretty tubby, and I’m sure ham isn’t healthy for them regardless. But I do give them each a teeny, pea-size snitch once or twice until the ham runs out.

Today, Abigail heard the refrigerator door open and came running, hoping I was pulling the ham out for some reason. As it happens, I was throwing together a sandwich for a quick lunch.

“HAM! OMG, it’s HAM!!!”
“Were you aware that I, too, enjoy ham???”

I mean, this level of cuteness is pretty ridiculous. I tore off a tiny little piece for her and held it out.

She sniffed it, then looked at me.

She sniffed it again.

She sat back and looked at me.

Okay, odd, but maybe she wants to eat off the floor.

I set it on the floor.

She sniffed it.

She licked it.

She walked away.

Definitely not the weirdest thing she’s ever done, but pretty high up there on the list. But, so be it. I continued making my sandwich.

A minute or so later, she came back into the kitchen. Oliver was with her.

She brushed against him, nudging him towards the small piece of ham that was still on the floor.

He sniffed it.

He licked it.

He ate it.

Abigail sat politely and looked at me while Oliver ate. Oliver finished the piece of ham that had been meant for her. He sat with Abigail and looked at me, too.

I tore off two more tiny little pieces and set them both down on the floor.

Sure enough, Abigail watched Oliver, making sure he was enjoying his piece of ham before she dove in and enjoyed the one that had been given to her.

Abigail had refused to eat any of the super delicious ham that’s only around once a year until she made sure that Oliver got some of this rare treat, too.

And this, folks, is when I realized my cats are the cutest cats ever.

Mmmm. Floor ham is tasty.

The End.

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