Itinerary: Twenty-two days by train in France

It seems unbelievable, but the trip to France I’ve dreamed of for 12 years is coming up quickly.

Everything with Cookie and the other guy (I think I decided to call him goatee guy? I can’t recall!) is great. I can’t believe I’ve been seeing them both for about six weeks already. I keep liking each of them more and more as I get to know them better.

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I feel incredibly lucky to have met them both. Obviously, Cookie is the one I have more intense feelings for. I appreciate the calm loveliness of what I have with goatee man all the more for it, I think. They complement each other, if that makes any sense. Each has some quality that the other lacks, and yet both of them are equally wonderful.

I’ve been so happy that I’ve been on a bit of a romantic cloud (combined with my usual anxiety and stress, of course). I’ve been distracted.

Suddenly, I’ve realized that only a few weeks from today, I’ll be in Bordeaux on a wine tasting tour. Time flew by! My big trip to France is actually going to happen. I’m still in shock, even though I’m the one who has made all the arrangements!

My itinerary is based on Rick Steves’ recommendations for a 22 day France by train itinerary, although I’ve adjusted it slightly. The original can be found here:

Accommodations and train tickets are booked. Researching guided tours, must-eat dining options, and other activities are the focus now.

I’m also finalizing what to bring.

The trip to Ireland last summer was my first trip to Europe, and I brought a typical rolling suitcase with me. I wished I hadn’t. This time, my goal is to be able to fit everything into the Osprey Farpoint 55.

This means leading up to the trip I’m researching decent quick dry clothing options so I don’t have to bring much with me, and can simply wash things out in hotel room sinks as needed.

I’ve found underwear and shirts, but not quick dry pants I’ll be comfortable in. My thinking as of right now is to give up on doing so. If I wear one pair of jeans and bring another I should be fine. I think. If anyone has thoughts on this I’m all ears. And, as I write this, I’ve just realized I need socks, as well. Thoughts on that are welcome, too!

For now, though, I’ll simply share my itinerary. I’m rather proud of it. It will allow a lot of time spent sitting on trains and enjoying the scenery, along with days spent in various locations around the country.

I can’t wait.

1. ARRIVE Paris, FranceNA
2. Bordeaux, France2
3. Amboise, France4
4. Sarlat la Caneda, France2
5. Carcassonne, France1
6. Arles, France2
7. Nice, France3
8. Lyon, France1
9. Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France2
10. Paris, France3
11. LEAVE Paris, FranceNA
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