Posting from Instagram to Facebook: How to Change Who Sees Your Posts

UPDATE July 24, 2020: As many of you have noticed, these instructions do not work with the “New Facebook.” I have been unable to find a way to do this now and have emailed Facebook support for assistance. Lord knows if or when I’ll hear back, but as soon as I do I’ll update this post accordingly!

You enjoy posting photos on Instagram, and sometimes you want your Instagram posts to appear on Facebook at the same time. It’s easy enough to link the two accounts to achieve this. But what if you only want a specific audience to see your Instagram posts on Facebook?

As an example, perhaps you’ve set up your Facebook privacy settings so professional contacts and coworkers don’t see future posts. Yet every time you post to Facebook from Instagram, you notice your privacy settings for who sees future posts aren’t applied.

Or, conversely, you limit your future Facebook posts to be visible only to your friends, but you want the images you post to Facebook from Instagram to be public.

What can you do? You can, of course, change the privacy setting for each of your Instagram posts on Facebook manually, but it would be far preferable to set privacy settings on Facebook for Instagram posts that would be applied automatically any time you post to Facebook from your Instagram account.

Help documentation for Instagram privacy settings on Facebook is outdated.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to do this and came up with naught. In the past, Instagram could be found under Facebook settings, in the “apps and websites” section.

Instagram no longer appears under Facebook apps and websites, though, and sadly, this is where all instructions found online still tell you to look. The Facebook help files, the Facebook community, and a variety of Google search terms all proved useless in telling me how, in the year 2019, I could go about changing the audience on Facebook for my Instagram posts.

Eventually, though, I did figure it out. Thus, while this blog doesn’t usually provide how-to information, it seems appropriate in this one instance to post what I found.

1. You have to click “More” on your Facebook profile page to access your Instagram settings.

The option to change who sees your Instagram posts on Facebook is now buried in the “more” menu on your profile page. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, the “more” menu can only be accessed when using the Facebook website. I was unable to find the privacy settings for my Instagram posts on Facebook via the Facebook app on Android.

Go to your Facebook profile on the Facebook website and click “more” to find your Instagram settings

2. Click the pencil icon to access Instagram Settings on Facebook.

Once you choose “Instagram” from the “More” menu on your Facebook profile page, you will see a page titled, “Recent Photos.” From here, you will need to click the pencil icon you will see on the right.

Untitled 2
Click the pencil icon to access Instagram Settings

3. Change your “App visibility and post audience” for Instagram on Facebook.

A modal will appear and there are a lot of options on it. The one you want is “App visibility and post audience.”

From here, you can change who will see future posts on Facebook posted from Instagram just as you can within the Facebook privacy settings found under “Settings.”

You can modify your “App visibility and post audience” as you do in Facebook’s privacy settings to set the audience for your Instagram posts on Facebook automatically any time you post to Facebook from Instagram.

It took a serious amount of hunting to find it, but there you go. That’s where Facebook has now hidden the Instagram post settings.

I hope this proves helpful to someone. If so, please give this post a like or comment with a thank you. Also, if you’re an iPhone user and you’ve found this setting exists on the Facebook app for iPhone, please comment and let me know so I can update this post accordingly. Thanks!


  1. i think i found it. so i couldnt find instagram under more in fbook. so go to instagram and pretent to post a new pic. hit next and then next again. at bottom is advnaced settings. then you see facbeook audience. boom!!! wow. so happy

  2. I finally solved it. Try to post a picture on your Instagram. Before you submit and post the picture, below the social medias, you will see “Advance Settings”. Click that and will can change the facebook audience there.

    Can I get a like if it solve your problem?

  3. To change if your friends can see this go to your Instagram advanced settings when posting on Instagram below write a caption.

  4. I STILL Cannot find an option for changing the Facebook settings from “only me” to something else. It seems like the location of these settings change every month.

    1. I think i found it! In the app go “settings” and then to “apps and websites” and then “old versions of Facebook for mobile” (for whatever stupid reason they put it under this option. So dumb.) And then it let’s you change it from “only me”.

      It’s not very intuitive at all and I find it frustrating. I spent such a long time looking for this. Let me know if it works!

  5. Has anybody figured this out again recently? Whenever I post from Instagram to FB, it automatically marks my privacy setting to “only me,” which is not the default setting I have for posting on FB itself. Frustrating to have to change the privacy settings for each individual post!

    1. I figured it out!! go make a post on your Instagram page. Before you post it you have the option to share it to your other accounts. Under all that there is an “advanced settings” option. Click on it and it has your Facebook audience settings there!

  6. nice. sadly though this suggestion seems outdated already because it looks like facebook removed instagram under “more” on the profile page.

  7. Hello everyone … Tell me, has this problem been solved? Maybe there is another way to change this?ь

    1. been solved for a while. but then facebook removed instagram under “more” on fb profile. so once again instagram is hidden and you cannot change the privacy setting on facebook.

  8. Thanks! Unlike some of the others, I just tried this today and it finally fixed my problem. Facebook was suddenly setting privacy on IG posts to “only me” and I didn’t realize it for a while. This fixed it. Don’t know if this made a
    difference, but I was on the desktop version. Appreciate it!

    1. That’s terrific news! Thanks for letting all of us know it still works for you! Can I ask, have you not had to switch to the new Facebook layout yet? Is everything on Facebook still the same for you as it’s always been?

  9. Thanks for digging this up.
    I wish I also read anonymous comment above, since that was a challenge, and they randomly renamed the setting as well even in the old mode.
    Literally wasting so many hours of existence, trying to “work” on these platforms.

  10. Yes I cannot find anyway in the new or old version to change the audience from private. I only joined instagram yesterday and the link was perfect but if you then have to manually have to change the audience for each post it is going to drive me demented

  11. Yep, can’t do it from there anymore. There is no longer an “App Visibility & Post Audience” under “Additional App Settings.” Why do they make something simple so complicated? Especially if they are trying to make privacy settings transparent. Sheesh.

    1. I found the same thing, even in classic view. But what is more I noticed when I look at my activity log (all my posts had been set to ONLY ME) but it stopped posting from Instagram on July 5th. But I have definitely been posting since July 5th so not sure why it was not sharing those posts with FB

  12. Oh man! Feel like I was so close to finally figuring this out, but the pencil is no longer available on even the classic version. Have been trying to edit this for the longest.

  13. As Facebook roles out its “New” look in mid-2020 I couldn’t find the above settings in the new layout. I used the option to switch to the “Classic” view and then could find the settings.

    1. I too had to go back to Classic View, but it warned me that it won’t be available come September 2020, but it did offer me the opportunity to explain why I was going back to classic So I explained I was after Instagram Settings, and why would you remove that???

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