Back from France: Intro to Upcoming Series

I am back from France.

Details of the trip can be found here.

It was, as promised, twenty-two days, all by train, covering nine different destinations.

The weeks leading up to the trip were a mess of anxiety and emotion. I was unable to focus on anything other than simply holding it together; hence the lack of posts during that time period.

Over the next few weeks, though, I’ll post stories and photos from each destination. I’m also using Instagram heavily now, so if you aren’t already following me there, please consider doing so.

For now, here’s something I wrote before I left. It was not an easy time!

Packing test run: done. Anxiety levels: soothed. Not shown: Oliver proving there’s enough empty space left for him to fit in the pack should I choose to bring him along. (I won’t.)

Image may contain: shoes

My current level of stress/distractibility:

1. Apparently, the dinner party I was invited to that I thought was tonight was last night. Oops.

2. Couldn’t find the trimmers for the cat’s claws. I found them with in with my manicure supplies. Must have put them in there while I was tidying up earlier this week.

I guess on some level I can understand the logic on that one?

3. Such is not the case with how long it took me to remember how to work my own shower yesterday morning, though.

4. I either applied deodorant three times this morning or not at all. I have no idea which is accurate.

This has been an interesting week.

I leave on Monday. I have been beyond stressed out for weeks.

Simultaneously, though, I realize this is an incredibly cool and courageous thing that I’m doing, and I’m excited as hell.

Let’s do this.

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