Days 1&2: Bordeaux, Sleep Deprivation, and the Case of the Missing Driver

Day 1 was spent in transit. It is now day 2.

I arrived safely in Paris. I left my house at 6 AM Pacific on Monday and arrived in Paris at 8 AM Central European on Tuesday. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane.

The train station inside Charles de Gaulle airport was easy to find. It was while waiting for the train to Bordeaux that I learned my French is decent enough that when a woman waiting alongside me for the train asks for help figuring out how to turn the flashlight on her phone off I’m able to teach her how to do so.

French tech support FTW. Don’t tell my employer.

The train to Bordeaux was my first TGV, France’s high speed train. It was thrilling. The scenery between Paris and Bordeaux was beautiful and the four hours were over before I knew it.

The hotel had offered to send a driver to meet me when I got off the train and I gladly accepted. I knew I was going to be exhausted as hell, and not having to deal with transport was definitely desirable. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted that I didn’t see the driver when I disembarked, and there was significant confusion trying to find each other at the very large train station. After several calls with the hotel, the driver and I finally located one another and I was on my way.

At around 4 PM I checked in to my hotel, ditched my backpack, and took off on a self-guided walking tour using the map provided at the front desk.

Map of Bordeaux UNESCO Heritage Tour

Gorgeous and thrilling doesn’t even begin to describe what I saw of the French countryside and of Bordeaux today.

A few things I learned:

Bordeaux is a bustling but small city. Most streets are closed off to cars, which makes for an amazing tourist experience.

Also, I do pretty well on zero sleep as long as nobody tries to get me to converse with them or I have to find someone holding a big sign with my name on it.

Today’s photos:

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