Day 5: Chateau Amboise and Solo Travel Revelations

Good grief, this town is unbelievably gorgeous.

Favorite photos from today are below. I’m forcing myself to choose only ten per day. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the culling after the trip is over. Plus, knowing I’m restricted in this way is helping me be more selective in the shots I take.

Today, Travel Buddy and I did a brief (to me) exploration of Chateau Amboise, and a lot of wine tasting.

THINGS I’VE LEARNED TODAY: A lot of Malbec is grown in the Loire Valley, and is also called Côt. Same grape.

The real revelation of the day, though, is how much I love traveling alone.

This one stuns me. I adore Travel Buddy. He’s a fantastic friend and easy travel companion. If I prefer solitude to continuing this adventure with him at my side, I must really love my solitude, far more than I anticipated.

What I’m realizing more than anything, though, is I’m incapable of prioritizing my emotions over someone else’s.

When another person is with me, I think about their needs and emotions more than my own. If I want to take hours snapping photos of every inch of a gorgeous chateau, I don’t feel at liberty to do so. Even if my companion assures me a thousand times that they’re alright, that I should take my time, and so on, I can’t do it.

I’m unable to enjoy myself if I sense my actions might be causing another person to have less-than-positive thoughts or emotions. I’m unable to turn off the side of me that simultaneously feels their feelings (or what I perceive/fear to be their feelings) alongside my own.

It is, perhaps, something I can work on. An empathetic nature and the consequential struggle to maintain appropriate emotional boundaries is probably going to be a lifelong challenge. At least I’m now aware of it, and thus can attempt to address it.

For now, though, as much as I love Travel Buddy, I’m fascinated to recognize I won’t be devastated when he goes back to London tomorrow. Normally, when we part ways I’m horribly sad and it takes a while to get over missing him. This time, I won’t mind going back to a solo existence. It’s quite surprising.

As promised, here are my daily favorite photos. I give you Chateau Amboise and the surrounding area:

And, just for fun, here are the wines we tasted today.

My favorite of the bunch was the Chateau Montdomaine Touraine Rosé (second photo, bottom left). Cabernet Franc tends to be my favorite varietal, and this was a delightful rosé from the same grape. It was balanced, complex, and had a marvelous soft mouth feel. I’m hoping I encounter it again someday; thus far my online searches have not yielded any results.

If you have better luck than I, or you recognize the wine and think I’m remembering the name wrong, PLEASE, I beg of you, let me know?

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