Day 6: Being Lazy in Amboise

Enjoyed a lovely breakfast with Travel Buddy before he left for London. The main topic of conversation? Sketching out a trip to Spain and Portugal for next year.

Living in the moment is hard! 😂

I’m doing my best here, but it is REALLY hard to wander through Amboise early in the day and not get “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast stuck in your head. Dammit, I’m only human.

If you are in a town in France that even remotely resembles the poor provincial town in Beauty in the Beast, you have to walk around with “Belle” stuck in your head. I just follow the rules. And, obviously, that isn’t a rule I made up myself right at this moment. Nope. Of course not.

After saying goodbye to Travel Buddy I wandered around town a bit. It was raining a little and I was feeling a bit low on energy. I found a spot where I could curl up with a book and people watch. It was quite cozy and I happily stayed there most of the day.

Thus, I don’t have much to include in today’s post. It was a gorgeously lazy day. I did snap a couple of photos, though, which you’ll see below.

First, though… Strawberries served in a bowl of red wine with a chocolate whipped cream are still healthy, right? Asking for a friend. (That friend is me. I’m the friend.)

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