Day 11: Arles and Falling in Love

The journey from Carcassonne to Arles provided a 90-minute layover in Nîmes, where it was 65 degrees and sunny. I sat outside a cafe near the train station, thoroughly enjoying a mediocre and incredibly overpriced glass of white wine, which I later found out wasn’t at all overpriced. I’d misheard the server.

It’s been a glorious day. The trip is back on track.

The adventure is now half over. I am now in Arles, which is as far south as I’ll go. From here the journey takes me east, then north, then west to Paris.

The day started in Carcassonne. I did not see last night’s dinner companions at breakfast, but I did make friends with two longtime besties who are in the middle of a road trip. We explored the medieval city together for a bit before we parted ways.

The train ride to Arles was uneventful except for the views of the sea, which utterly captivated me. And then, well…

Upon arrival in Arles I immediately fell in love. I swooned with delight.

The streets are just as narrow as in Carcassonne. The buildings and streets are in the same state of disrepair. But the open areas have trees and greenery and the storefronts seem welcoming.

Plus, there are women around. In Carcassonne the women hurried between destinations while clusters of men on the streets and in bars waited to leer at whoever might pass by. I haven’t seen that here. It’s quite the opposite.

After dark the streets in Arles aren’t just well-lit, they’re lit cheerily and with lots of color. There is noise around, noise of conversation and fun, noise of safety nearby should it be needed.

Oh, and that structure you see in the background in some of these photos? Yes, that’s a Roman amphitheater, and I cannot wait to get a closer look tomorrow.

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