Help Me I’m Lost

This blog began about 18 months ago. I started it when all the thoughts and feelings about the Narcissist became too much to keep inside. For a long while, I posted daily.

Eventually, I started feeling better. I didn’t need to talk about the Narcissist as much, and my focus shifted to the future rather than the past.

I kept writing during and after that transition, albeit less frequently. Now there are over 200 different posts, covering a ridiculous variety of topics.

categories & counts:

I’m so grateful so many of you have stayed with me through this ride. Hopefully, you enjoy my candor and vulnerability and would appreciate me continuing to write and post.

The question, though, is what do you want to see me write about? What have you read that has resonated with you and let you know your presence on this journey is appreciated and welcome?

Are there ways I’ve helped you with your own journey? How can I better serve you and your needs?

Thus, my request to you today. Please help me understand you, my readers, a little bit better?

The survey below has only one question: What do you want to see written about?

Answering will be so appreciated. You’ll need to scroll inside the blue window to see all the topic options and the “done” button.

THANK YOU for doing this. Thank you so much.

I would love it if you would add comments down underneath this post, as well. That might be too much to ask. But if you have feedback for me, please let me know.

Thank you. I appreciate you.

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