My Pot Roast Was More Exciting Than My Date

I went on a date tonight.

First of all, a ton of you have responded to my little “WTF am I doing” survey, and I appreciate each and every one of you tremendously.

You said you wanted to read about travel and dating. Many of you indicated interest in other topics as well, but 100% of you said travel and dating.

A bunch of you also told me I was overthinking things. Fair enough. I tend to do that.

You told me you enjoy the randomness of my posts and suggested I not pressure myself to try to stick with a theme. Thus, I’m going to experiment with thinking less and writing more.

I’m also going to start posting recipes at the bottom of each of my posts, because I want to. I was about to write a longer explanation for why I want to post recipes, but really it’s just that I want to and think you might enjoy it.

The Date

I went on a date tonight. He is someone I started chatting with on OKCupid last week. I agreed to meet him for a drink after work today.

I went, and I don’t regret having done so. He’s a nice guy. It was fine. I can see being friends with him. He’s very recently separated and isn’t looking for an intense impassioned romance, and he’s enjoyable to spend time with. I doubt I’d mind hanging out with him again.

It was fine. I went on a date and it was cool.

Therein lies the problem, though. This is the reason I have a hard time writing about dating:

Trying to write about dating makes me feel a bit ashamed of how little is going on in my dating life… and how okay with that I am.

I look on OKCupid, but not obsessively. I don’t feel at all upset about the lack of men I’m seeing on there or elsewhere who I want to go on dates with. In fact, I rather enjoy the comedy of some of what I see. Perhaps that makes me a terrible person, but, wow. Some of those profiles are real doozies.

I wish I were meeting more men, it’s true. Having romance (and sex) in my life would be nice. Yet I don’t feel any desire to complain or feel sad about not having that right now. I judge myself as a bit odd for that.

Anyway, I went on a date tonight. It was an okay date. I feel like I’ve made a new friend and that’s something worthy of appreciation.

The Recipes

I’m inspired to share recipes here. Perhaps it is because I struggled with cooking for myself as a single person for a long time. I don’t only mean after the most recent relationship; I mean always.

My habits now are pretty solid. I make two big meals and portion them out for my lunches and dinners for the week. Many folks have told me that they would never be able to stand eating the same thing every day, and I completely sympathize with that. I, however, don’t share those feelings. My goal is to have my meals taken care of so I can shovel some food in my face, get the sustenance I need, and get back to doing things that are far more interesting to me than spending time cooking every day.

I don’t tend to make the same recipe over and over again, though, and I love — LOVE — finding and trying new recipes. Hence my thinking this might be a fun addition to this blog. Think of it as a recipe review spot. There are so many recipe websites now that it’s hard to figure out what’s a winner and what isn’t. Since I typically find the recipes I make through Google searches, I don’t have any loyalties to one site or another.

My nutrition leans heavily low-carb Paleo. I’m not adamant about any rules, but I know tomato, dairy, gluten and a number of other things don’t make me feel fabulous, and I find what I need when my Google search terms include “Paleo” with “low carb.” I mean, if I’m making something that I’m going to eat for days on end, it doesn’t make sense to make something that won’t make me feel good, right?

Today’s Recipes: Paleo Egg Roll Bowl and Instant Pot Paleo/Keto Pot Roast

I feel like I was late to the Egg Roll Bowl game, but I’m a full participant now. I’ve made this recipe weekly three weeks in a row. The only ingredients that need to be purchased each time are the protein, onion, and coleslaw mix. Everything else I already had on hand after making the recipe once.

Thank you to Peace Love and Low Carb for this one. Here is the link to the recipe for Egg Roll in a Bowl:

Low Carb Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl (Crack Slaw)

(Note: After the first time making the Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe, I stopped bothering with the green onion. I didn’t feel like it added much and I haven’t missed it.)

The recipe makes 4 generous servings. I often don’t even bother heating it up when I’m having the leftovers. It’s delicious warm or cold.

This is probably a good time to mention that I’m the laziest cook on the planet. I hate chopping. I buy pre-chopped onion and will rehydrate dried minced garlic whenever garlic is needed. Given that, this is a recipe that comes together ridiculously fast for me. But even if I were less lazy, the only chopping would be an onion and a couple of cloves of garlic.

A new to me recipe that I just made for the first time yesterday, though, is the Balsamic Beef Pot Roast from I Breathe I’m Hungry. This one was a last minute fluke.

(A lot of other bloggers will provide a long explanation of what an Instant Pot is and how much they love theirs as part of an introduction to a recipe that uses one. I’m going to spare you from that. Suffice it to say these next two recipes can be made using an Instant Pot, I have an Instant Pot and I like it and use it frequently, and if you don’t have an Instant Pot I recommend remedying that situation post haste.)

I had intended to make the 4-Ingredient Shredded Beef from What Great Grandma Ate last night, but when I stopped by the supermarket after work they didn’t have any roasts labeled rump or chuck. They did, however, have roasts they’d labeled as Pot Roasts.

After work on a Monday is not my best time for dealing with obstacles. I was tired, hungry, cranky, and not in the mood for foolishness like dealing with labels that didn’t actually tell me what I needed to know.

What Is Pot Roast?

Pot roast isn’t really a specific recipe or cut of meat — it’s more of a method. Take a big cut of tough beef, brown it if you can, then cover and slow cook it with aromatics and liquid (stock, broth, wine, or water) until meltingly tender.

The Best Cuts of Beef for Pot Roast, Kitchn

I also didn’t feel like talking to anyone, which I would have had to do to find out what cut that “pot roast” actually was. Whatever it was, it probably would have been fine to use in the shredded beef recipe, but as I said, I wasn’t dealing with obstacles well at that moment.

This wound up being fortuitous, because a quick Google search for “low carb instant pot pot roast” led me to the I Breathe I’m Hungry recipe I wound up making. My god, it’s delicious. Here it is:

Easy Keto Balsamic Beef Pot Roast – Low Carb

(Note: I don’t bother being low-carb or Paleo when it comes to thickeners. I use corn starch and don’t feel at all bad about it. Why? Because it works and it’s cheap and I honestly just don’t care that much.)

I served the beef on a pile of heavily seasoned sauteed kale last night and had it for lunch on cauliflower rice today. I liked the cauliflower rice better.

Another note, and this one’s important: the recipe says to do a quick release on the instant pot pressure when the timer beeps. I highly recommend NOT doing this. Every time I’ve done a quick release with a roast, the meat has turned out tough and stringy. With a natural release, I get the tender deliciousness I’d hoped for.

I think that’s quite enough for today, and frankly, it’s now time for bed and I’m exhausted.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ridiculous randomness. Sleep well!


  1. I met my husband on OkCupid when I was just looking to find someone to date casually. Five kids later (3 from him, 2 from us) and four years in I’m so happy I kept going on chill dates and crappy dates till I went on the right one. Going into dates laid back is the best way to do it. Keep having fun! Side note, pot roast is my fave! Keep up the awesome writing!

  2. I think doing it with zero expectations makes the whole experience more comic than depressing. My only point of discontent is that it isn’t happening more, and even that is only because it often makes for such good writing inspiration! I’ve been thinking about posting about the ones I don’t wind up meeting up with more frequently for that reason.

    I go through cycles of feeling up for it and not, though, and it was a few years after the relationship ended before I really started feeling game for it at all. It’s entirely possible I never would have, and that would’ve been okay, too.

    From what I’ve seen on your blog, your starting to take some great steps towards self-care and reintegrating into the world. Dating isn’t a focus and at some point if you’d like it to be, you’ll figure it out. Until then, whatever. 😜

  3. I can’t seem to bring myself to date so my hats off to you. I wish I were ready but I feel so empty about the idea, not excited. That sounds so depressing.

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