Friday Joy: 7/26/19

You’ve heard of speed reading? This is going to be speed writing. I overslept and then realized I hadn’t set up a post to be published today, so I’m giving myself ten minutes to get one out. It’s now 6:50 AM. I’m going to hit publish at 7 AM. Assume there are going to be a lot of typos in this, but here goes…

A weekly Friday Joy post sounds like a good idea to me. Once upon a time, I posted Daily Joy posts on Facebook. It was back while I was dealing with getting away from the Narcissistic, settling on our house, buying my new one, and then, well, everything that happened to me emotionally once I was in the new house and the adrenaline rush that had been supporting me and pulling me through was suddenly gone and I had to actually sit with and face all my emotions about everything that had happened.

You see what happens when I don’t edit? Sentences like that one. Egad.

The Daily Joy posts were a terrific personal challenge. They forced me to keep some focus on the positive. I had to post one thing every day. It was good. It pulled me through.

I’m definitely not in the midst of chaos like I was then, but still, thinking of the good things that happened during a week feels like a lovely way to go into a weekend.

As I think about it, I realize how good a week this was.

  • I communicated with Chris several times.
  • I Exercised! Twice!
  • My boss and I had a good conversation about angling for a raise and a title change later in the year.
  • I got great advice from a good friend about having that conversation I am being more deliberate in my approach because of her.

My friends are doing well. One is well on her way cross-country; she’s moving to South Carolina and is driving on her own, which is a wee bit nervous-making but she’s been posting photos and updates regularly and seems to be doing well.

My cousin, who is local, and I have been having some terrific conversations about everything under the sun, and that’s been a highlight of the week, as well. A lot of it is about boundary setting and understanding self-worth, which is totally my jam. Some of it is about my struggles to maintain an exercise regimen, which has been pretty helpful.

Therapy appointment yesterday focused on exercise and I think I made a bit of a breakthrough. I mean, I really hate exercise. I don’t feel good after I do it like so many people claim to. I feel sluggish, wobbly, irritated, antsy. I don’t know what these endorphins things are that people speak of, but I strongly suspect they’re an outright lie. (Kidding. I know they’re not). It’s now 7:02, so those breakthroughs will have to go into another post sometime soon.

Today is Friday. This evening I will have dinner with two friends, the amazing couple that allowed me to live with them for a couple of months after I moved out of the house shared with the Narcissist. I don’t know what I would have done without them and it’s always a joy to see them. Plus, we’re going to a Japanese restaurant that’s been on my “want to go” list for ages.

Phew, and that’s a wrap. What’s your Friday Joy this week?

What are your thoughts on this post?

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