A Relief From Responsibilities

Every year in July, my company holds a conference. Clients fly in from around the world for three days of lectures, workshops, training, and food and entertainment.

For eight or so years, it’s been my responsibility to run one of the three arms of the conference. Organizing the sessions and the presenters, getting clients to come, entertaining the clients that did, all fell on me.

This means, for the past eight years or so, I haven’t had much of a chance to enjoy my summer. The months leading up to the conference were filled with massive amounts of debilitating anxiety. The months following the conference were filled with recovery.

I didn’t regain my energy until fall.

This year, the arm of the conference I used to run is not being conducted. I do not have any responsibilities related to the annual conference.

Day 1 of the conference is today. The opening event was last night. I chose not to attend.

Yesterday, my cousin came over and helped me hang a shelf and a new light fixture. After he left, I put together a new coffee table. I painted my nails, then relaxed and watched TV until bedtime.

I did not have to spend the weekend putting final touches on presentations. I did not have to go out last night and be charming. I was able to use my energy however I chose to.

Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday the conference is being conducted. The venue is very near our office building. Many of my coworkers will be walking back and forth between the two with great regularity.

I will not.

Tomorrow, I will help out at the registration desk for a few hours in the afternoon. If I’m needed on Wednesday, I will do so then, as well.

Otherwise, I will have nothing to do with the conference.

I will have a blissfully normal, relaxing work week.

And I am so very grateful for this.

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