Anxiety About Pressure

This image was posted in a travel group I belong to and it struck a chord in a huge way:

It’s me!

My “low tire pressure” light on my dash has been on for a few days now and I can’t bring myself to do a thing about it.

Seriously. The idea of putting some goddamn air in my tires has me paralyzed with anxiety.

If I just ignore it, it will go away, right?

It’s incredibly stupid and I’m so mad at myself.

I sort of know how to handle this. I know enough that I’m sure I’d figure it out. But I’m terrified of being watched and laughed at.

So terrified, in fact, that I’m avoiding dealing with it.

I hate myself for letting it slide, because I don’t really know the repercussions of waiting on this. The current story I’m telling myself is that I’m going to handle it over the weekend, but I also keep imagining a group of guys laughing and pointing while I try to figure it out and I can’t breath when I think of that, so goddess only knows when I’ll actually summon up the nerve to tackle this [incredibly mundane and basic life] task.

Fuck these feelings. I hate this. And I hate myself for having these thoughts, for feeling this way, even for wanting to write about it.

I’m so sick of my weakness and disgusted by myself. I can’t put air in my fucking tires. Seriously. What is this?

And yet, the idea of jumping on a plane and just figuring shit out upon arrival in a new destination doesn’t bother me one bit. I’d much rather do that than figure out that stupid air pressure thingy at the gas station!

What are your thoughts on this post?

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