I tried the Plum Dating App. Here’s how it went.

I’ll preface this by saying Plum Dating is in no way compensating me for signing up for the Plum Dating app or writing this review. Nobody at Plum Dating even knows I exist.

I am simply a woman who has a lot of experience with dating apps and who was interested in the development and launch of Plum Dating.

What is Plum Dating?

For years people have asked for a way of being able to tell others, and see from others, whether different people on dating apps are serial jerks. Ghosting, dick pics, lying about who one is… All of these are problems we encounter, and until now, there’s nothing we’ve been able to do about it.

I’ll never forget the guy I met who had, in his online dating profile, used photos of his much more attractive, much younger brother instead of photos of himself. His rationale was that the two of them looked the same, but the brother photographed better.


He also claimed to be liberal but was adamantly anti-choice, to the extent that it came up in conversation.

This was twenty years ago, and I remember wishing I had the ability to warn people on the site about that guy.

I’m sure many of us have felt the same about some of the people we’ve met online.

Sadly, until now, there has never been a way to warn others, or to recommend those men who are, quite simply, just normal human beings, and thankfully are in the majority.

We women (and men seeking men) want to help each other navigate this mine field we call online dating, but we lack the means. Similarly, we want to help out those men who don’t fit the current online dating stereotype and give kudos to them for not being the jerks everyone talks about.

Until now, no online dating site has ever developed features that might help us with this effort.

Sick of swiping? Harassment? Ghosting and misleading behaviors? Plum is an inclusive dating app, integrating the science of lasting connection with solutions to daters’ core complaints about apps. Plum allows women to rate their matches AFTER COMMUNICATION begins, 1-5-stars, on Profile Authenticity, Communication and Follow-through. Men seeking men also have access to this rating tool.
Plum also allows women to customize their experience by giving them the flexibility to choose who sends the first message : “Me” or “My Matches.”

Plum Dating, About

For more about how Plum Dating differs from other dating apps:

Plum Dating Reviews

Technically, yes, I’m taking a break from dating right now. That does seem like the perfect time to check out a new dating app, though, right? There is literally zero at stake. If I don’t meet anybody, I don’t care.

My expectations are not high about Plum Dating. Here is why:

MINNEAPOLIS, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Plum Dating, https://plumdating.com an app designed to bring class back to dating, by tackling the pervasive problems of sexual harassment and ghosting on dating apps, launched today throughout the United States & Canada

Press Release: Plum Dating Launches To Solve For Pervasive Sexual Harassment On Dating Apps

That press release is dated July 11, 2019. Plum Dating only launched about a month ago.

On Google Play, the Plum Dating app has 15 reviews, and a 2-star average rating. The primary complaint is the lack of users in one’s geographic region and the inability to filter based on one’s geographic region.

Inside my head: “People. Slow your roll. If you were able to filter based on your geographic region there wouldn’t be any profiles for you to see. This is a brand new app.

The reviewers blame the developers for the audience not yet being large. I can’t figure out how, in their minds, that makes any sense.

Regardless, given the concept behind Plum Dating, I am surprised it is not being picked up faster. It’s exactly what women have been asking for, and it rewards men for being, you know… normal.

Which, let’s face it, most men are. They get lost in the shuffle when the few who are jerks have the opportunity to inflict constant trauma.

Plus, signing up is ridiculously easy.

Plum Dating App: Registration

I took screenshots of every screen in the Plum Dating registration process. You’ll note there are nine of them, each with only one or two questions.

See? Eezy-peezie. Unless you’re nonbinary, which I don’t love. Hopefully, that will change in time.

The last screen in the registration process is where one can upload photos and write a brief bio. The bio section is Tinder and Bumble-like. You get one paragraph and that’s it.

(This is the main reason I prefer OKCupid over apps like Tinder and Bumble, but that’s merely a personal preference. Obviously, Tinder and Bumble are both wildly popular, so what I like to see on a bio is irrelevant here!)

Once I was signed up, I immediately started seeing profiles.

My Plum Dating Options

The first person whose profile I saw was John.

I confess it had been so long since I looked at either Tinder or Bumble that I forgot what to do at first. To most people, the swipe left/swipe right format will be far more intuitive than it was for me. I swiped left thinking it would allow me to see more photos, as is the case when using OKCupid, and bye-bye John. Whoops! My bad.

However, as I expected would be the case, John does not live anywhere near me. Not only does he live in another state, but it is a state very far from my own. It does not seem there are any users near me as of yet. In fact, there were only about ten gentlemen who met my search criteria at all.


My conclusion is the Plum Dating app has a lot of promise. I’m excited to see what happens with it as more people register.

With Plum Dating, there are consequences for being a jerk. Even if someone is a jerk in real life, they have to at least pretend not to be when communicating with people on the Plum Dating app. Otherwise, they will have a low ranking, their profiles won’t be among the first shown, and in a general sense those who view their profile will know to swipe past them.

Users can’t just let their jerk flag fly and get away with it by continuing to match with people like they can on Tinder and Bumble.

And if they’re a jerk and don’t realize they are? Perhaps they will be prompted to do some soul searching and try to change.

Or, perhaps, they’ll simply decide Plum Dating sucks and all the women who use it are a bunch of uptight bitches.

I don’t really care what they think, so long as I don’t have to interact with their kind!

Overall, it seems Plum Dating might provide a dating app experience with a much lower risk of meeting jerks than inherently lies within Tinder and Bumble. It feels like a “sisters banding together to protect one another” type of environment, which I seriously dig.

Plum Dating could easily disrupt the entire online dating experience in all the best possible ways. And I, for one, am very excited about it.

Plum Dating: https://plumdating.com

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