Busy but Good

This week is going to be busy. And I’m not stressed about that. In fact, I’m thrilled.

It is the last week before my boss returns from a month-long vacation. There is a ton that I want to have finished before his return. I know I will conquer it.

I have plans every night this week. It will be a struggle to fit exercise in. Dare I say it, but I might actually be looking forward to the challenge?

I am excited about all of the plans that I have made. It will be awesome to see friends and be busy.

Plus, I look forward to figuring out how I am going to keep up with exercise while I am so busy.

I don’t understand who this person is that I am behaving like, but I like it. I only hope it lasts!

I know that it won’t though. It never does. That’s not how depression works.

I just do my best to enjoy good spells while they last.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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