Eyebrow Obsessions

It will surprise absolutely zero of you when I say I have a bit of an obsessive personality. There is always something my brain is fixated on. Now that dating has been removed from the mix, I’ve noticed a few other things have moved from the back burner up into the front.

While I don’t think of this as a beauty blog by any stretch of the imagination, the fact is, I do rather obsess about haircare, skincare, and makeup. Perhaps I will write about the things I use at some point (would that be of interest to any of you?).

My hair color is salt and pepper, although still rather light on the salt. My curl type is 3b and my hair is coarse, there’s a ton of it, and it’s fine. My skin type is oily but often dehydrated, acne-prone, and has an uneven tone.

Fun times.

And, recently, my makeup routine has changed from being rather labor-intensive to a bit more of a minimal look. This is, of course, because I’m a bit of a slave to trends and it’s what I’m seeing on Instagram more these days, but it’s also because working out has become another recent obsession and I’m enjoying taking less time on my face in the morning.

It allows me to leave for work far earlier, and then leave early enough that I can get to the geriatric Zumba class at the gym that I’ve been enjoying lately.

The primary thing about my appearance that I’ve become obsessed about lately is my eyebrows.

I went to high school and college in the 90s and, as mentioned above, am a bit of a slave to trends. This, naturally, means I plucked my eyebrows into a thin arch for 20+ years.

A thicker brow came back into fashion several years ago, and I started getting my brows waxed rather than plucking them, in the hopes of getting some help growing my brows out a bit. It helped, for sure, but now I want to see if I can get them to be even thicker.

Thus, I’ve stopped doing anything to my brows at all. No plucking. No waxing. No trimming. I’m going to leave them alone completely for a few months and see what happens.

It’s a good time for it. There are no major events on the calendar until my 25th high school reunion, which will be held Thanksgiving weekend. Plus, I’m not dating, and my friends DGAF if my brows look like crap.

My hair everywhere has always been incredibly fast-growing. This is something I’ve always felt embarrassed about and obligated to manage diligently.

(**waves to my mother, who does not have this problem and thought it was a great idea to mock the hell out of me as puberty hit and all this wonderful hair started growing in everywhere. There’s nothing that boosts a pre-pubescent girl’s confidence quite like being called a gorilla, except tons of comments about her weight, which were also plentiful and delightful.**)

Thankfully, this means my eyebrows will grow back. I think. They look like hell if they aren’t kept up with religiously once a week or more, so I imagine this means they’ll grow.

It’s been three weeks since I touched them with either tweezers or trimming scissors and so far things are going well. They’re definitely looking shaggier and fuller. There are gaps and one is growing faster than the other, which is annoying as hell, but I consider it a good thing that after three weeks I notice anything at all.

Why is doing nothing an obsession, though? Well, because I’m me, of course.

I have a photo album set up where I’m tracking progress. I’m comparing different products for grooming and filling to one another. I’ve compared Glossier Boy Brow and Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill (spoiler: Queen of the Fill seems to be taking the lead). I also use The Browgal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil on occasion, but when using Queen of the Fill I don’t bother with it. The Queen of the Fill does the job of both a brow pencil and a grooming tool.

I fully think my obsession is ridiculous. And yet, I did the same thing when I was growing out my hair dye. I check on my skincare routine here and there in the same way, as well.

Please tell me I’m not alone in being this silly and obsessive about growing in my eyebrows? (And if I’m not… what’s working/worked for you to help with the grow-out process?)

Naked brows, 8/11/2019
Glossier Boy Brow in Brown + The BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown, 8/13/2019
Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill in medium/dark with light/medium on top, 8/18/2019

Although it is not visible in photos, the Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill in light/medium pulled too warm (meaning, red) on me. The medium/dark just looks like a flat black, though, which is way too garish. I think a light coat of each is working pretty well, though. I’ll give it a day or two… generally that’s how long it takes me to decide I look ridiculous and everything I’m trying to do with my brows is dumb.

And then, of course, I see another product I want to try and I start all over again.

Featured photo is from 7/12/2019 and I used Glossier Boy Brow in Brown that day.

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