Glad To Live in a World with Octobers

Autumn is a new beginning. Not just because of the ingrained rhythm of the beginning of the school year, but also, the Jewish New Year and my birthday. Everything starts fresh in autumn.

Plus, autumn brings cooler temperatures and clothing styles I am more comfortable in.

Nothing puts me in a good mood quite like knowing autumn is coming near.

It is now mid-August. Soon it will be Labor Day, and then September. This knowledge makes me smile.

Soon the constant sunshine will give way to days of drizzle and grey skies. It will be lovely and cozy and romantic.

Soon the cooler nights will require my cozier pajamas. I will need to put extra blankets on the bed. I will wake up with both cats piled on top of me, the three of us cuddled up together for warmth.

It is impossible to not feel joy while thinking about autumn. Well, unless one is a teacher, of course. I tried telling a friend about these feelings recently, forgetting she is a teacher and her summer vacation is soon to come to an end. The glare she gave me was sad and painful and yet rather hilarious. I felt so sorry that I had forgotten.

However, as much as I feel for her and all the other wonderful teachers out there, my thoughts and feelings about my own life remain the same. I love autumn.

I am in high spirits in part because autumn is coming soon.

I look out the window and long to see drizzle. I know I won’t have to wait much longer.

It helps relieve my anxiety somewhat to know my favorite season is coming soon. I find it hard to imagine another depressive spell burdening me anytime before spring. Fall and winter are far too glorious for sadness.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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