Achievement Unlocked: Exercise Level 2

Riddle me this: How is it that on a week when I was far busier than usual I managed to get in more workouts instead of fewer?

I worked out on Sunday and wasn’t planning to do so again until Thursday. But then, a girlfriend and I had time to kill before meeting another friend for drinks, so Monday wound up including a nice long walk. Then on Wednesday morning, I had an urge to do some strength training, so that happened. Yesterday, Thursday, I did the workout I had originally planned for that day. I usually work out on Saturdays, too.

I think that means that I will end up with five different days of exercise this week instead of the 3 days I usually target.

Managing to maintain exercise habits during a week when I was worried I wouldn’t feels like a massive accomplishment. I feel like I’ve leveled up.

This got me thinking. Has anyone found a fun way to gamify exercise? It would be amazing to receive points and awards for sticking with my workout goals and/or achieving certain milestones.

Google says yes, there are indeed a few apps that gamify exercise. There are two different ones that caught my eye.

Nexercise is an app that tracks your movement, rewarding users with points the more that they exercise. It sounds pretty standard at first. The difference here is that these points that you earn are actually worth something.
Points earned through Nexercise can be exchanged for gift cards from stores like Home Depot, Sephora, CVS, and others! Turn working out into your full-time job!
Nexercise even lets you compete against friends and co-workers. Nothing like a little friendly competition to spice things up!

Lifehack, “6 Fitness Apps That Make Working Out Too Fun To Skip

Pact lets users make pacts with other users for working out and achieving healthy eating goals, with real-life money betting to give you incentive.
If you stick to your goals, you get paid! If you fail to meet your own standards, you pay out to the users who stay committed.
Clearly the cash incentive has worked for many users – Pact has been able to help members achieve 95% of their goals. Pretty impressive stuff!

Lifehack, “6 Fitness Apps That Make Working Out Too Fun To Skip

Have any of you ever tried any apps like these? What did you think?

If I signed up for one of them, would anyone be interested in joining me?

What are your thoughts on this post?

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