An exercise injury, yet again

I’m not overdoing anything. I’m stretching after each workout. I’m being gentle with my body and doing everything right.

And yet, somehow, I’ve managed to hurt myself. Again. Like I always do.

It’s like my body just wasn’t meant for exercise. Other people’s are. Mine wants the couch and Chips Ahoy.

The issue, this time, is my left hip abductor. It’s been about a week of being pretty uncomfortable. I’m babying it, icing it, taking ibuprofen. I got a massage and went to the chiropractor.

All these things help, but the pain comes back later.

I’ll continue doing gentle workouts and gentle stretching in the hopes that whatever I did will calm down and go away on its own. If it were new things I would be concerned. Sadly, it is not. It is just one of those annoying aches and pains that flares up for me sometimes.

Man, though, is it ever frustrating.

Feel free to provide your input in the comments. I will take all the help I can get on this.

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