A delightfully boring existence

I am not at all ashamed to admit that my biggest excitement right now is having purchased a new washer and dryer.

They will be delivered and (fingers crossed) installed in a few hours. I can’t wait.

This is it, though. This is the only thing of any drama or importance going on in my life.

I am taking good care of myself through food, exercise, and a lot of down time. I have very few stories to tell or stressors going on.

The biggest excitement is a new washer and dryer.

I enjoyed a good workout this morning for the first time in two weeks; my hip abductor has finally started to release and the pain has somewhat subsided. (An exercise injury, yet again)

So even that small, temporary annoyance is now gone.

I am so deliriously happy about this. A lovely, relaxing, slightly boring little life is all I have ever wanted.

Perhaps, I am more appreciative than usual about my lack of excitement because many of my close friends are working their way through a variety of tragedies.

The emotional energy I tend to have in excess is extended outward these days instead of inward as it usually is.

Those things which might otherwise cause me distress are somewhat put into perspective when loved ones are going through hard times.

Me, however? I recognize that I’m doing quite fine. I have very little going on and I like it this way.

I mean, I have a new washer and dryer on the way. What else could anyone possibly want?

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