Life’s crazy coincidences…

Me: This is it! This is totally the week I’m going to start going to classes at the gym more regularly. I remembered to bring my gym bag with me to work and I’m ready and excited. Let’s do this thing! Yeah!

Gym: Hahahahaha sucker we’re closed this week for maintenance.

I was all excited to start going to Zumba classes at the gym more regularly this week.

On many levels, I was looking forward to attending a class with all my senior citizen friends again (Why the hell did I go to an advanced level Zumba class?). On a few other levels, I had concerns, mainly because of how incredibly tired I was yesterday.

My cats have been put on a diet and they are making their displeasure about their mild hunger pains known by keeping me awake all night, every night. I’m rather zombified as a result.

I was determined I would go to the class despite this, though. My head was in the game even if I was worried my body wouldn’t cooperate. I was ready. I might not wind up having the best workout ever, but dammit, I was at least going to give it whatever I had.

Except… I realized I left my ID card for the gym at home. This is not a mistake I’ve made before. So, I called the gym to find out if they had another way of looking me up so I could still go to the class.

This is when I heard their outgoing voice mail, saying the building would be closed for maintenance this entire week.

Go figure.

I found a few Leslie Sansone videos on YouTube and got in a good workout anyway. Damn it, though. What dumb freaking luck!

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