What I Was Going To Do vs. What Actually Happened (spoiler: it involves a new to me chili recipe)

The title of today’s post could easily be the name of this blog but there’s no way I’m ever going to summon the energy or motivation to change the whole damn thing.

As is the case with many days, today did not turn out as planned.

The intent was to go to work, leave at 3, stop by my doctor’s to get blood drawn before the physical scheduled for next week, gas up my car on the way home, then relax all afternoon and evening. I wanted to paint my nails, continue watching season 5 of Jane the Virgin on Netflix, and go to bed early.

All went as planned as far as work went. I had an unusually productive and gratifying day. But my cousin got in touch and asked if I was free to hang out tonight. And I had rather been craving chili, so I said I’d cook, and…

So I left work, went to the doctor’s, found out the order hadn’t been placed with the lab so they couldn’t do the draw, got gas, then went to the supermarket, and spent the evening making a big pot of chili and hanging out with my cousin.

The chili was delicious, BTW.

What’s bothersome to me (and yet typical) is he left at around 7, and yet I was too fried and tired from my day to

To anything, really.

I sat down to type so a post will go live tomorrow, but I’m exhausted and can barely think.

I don’t know how anyone is able to do more on any given day. I’d love to have a cleaner house and be more productive and such, but even on a good night’s sleep when I’m animated by work and hang time I don’t have the energy to do any more than work, eat dinner, and sleep.

Thank God I never had kids.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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