A New Down Comforter = A Very Good Day

The ways in which my free time is occupied varies according to whatever I happen to develop an obsession about at any given moment.

Yesterday evening, it was duvet covers. I fell into an internet abyss filled to the brim with duvet covers.

I ordered a new down comforter the other day. This is, as they say, a Big Deal.

When the exN and I combined households I got rid of a lot of things I later desperately wished I held on to. The most important, of course, is my first edition copies of every book in the Harry Potter series. I gave away the whole series. The exN “didn’t like bookshelves.”

Seriously. WTF was I thinking ever dating that guy. My dream home has floor to ceiling shelves in every room.

A distant second behind the Harry Potter series on the “Seriously, WTF was I thinking getting rid of that” list is the LL Bean Permabaffle Box Goose Down Comforter, Warm.

I loved that comforter. It was a gift, received shortly after I moved to the Pacific Northwest. My first apartment out here was a basement studio with one tiny electric baseboard heater. It was a goal of mine to be so warm and cozy under a thick comforter that I wouldn’t need to keep the heat on at night. Between that down comforter and some creative layering with my sleepwear, I succeeded, and my heating bill definitely thanked me.

That down comforter was worth every penny. It felt like the height of luxury when I pulled it over me every night.

It stayed with me when I moved into my first condo, and I slept under it for another seven years while I lived there.

Logistically, it made sense to get rid of it. It was the wrong size for the bed the exN and I owned, and storage space in our first home was minimal.

It made sense, but I’ve missed it terribly. That comforter felt like home.

Unlike the Harry Potter series, though, the comforter can be replaced. At over $400 it’s a rather significant investment, but I finally pulled the trigger on it other day.

(I also bought this fleece-lined flannel shirt from LL Bean. In my defense, it’s currently 40% off.)

Later that day, I happened to look at Facebook Memories. Imagine my surprise when a photo of my old condo popped up.

There it was; the last pile of crap we hauled to Goodwill, when we finally cleared everything out of the condo before listing it for sale.

The exN and I had been living together for a while at that point. The mortgage and HOA fees on the condo seemed a senseless waste of money.

Ah, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have so happily stayed in that sweet little condo, and continued living my quiet, peaceful little life rather than embarking on the path I wound up traveling.

The photo shows my old, beloved comforter tossed carelessly into a neglected mound in the background. My beautiful, thick, warm, snuggly LL Bean down comforter that I later missed to the point of tears, inside the LL Bean flannel duvet cover I adored so much, was just another item in a pile of junk.

It breaks my heart to see it now.

I don’t regret getting rid of that TV.

Sadly, LL Bean does not still sell the one I used to use. I would buy it again in a heartbeat if they did.

This is how the hunt for a new duvet cover began.

First, I tried to make myself want another one from LL Bean, but none of the patterns they have available right now appealed to me. From there I fell deep into a rabbit hole.

I spent hours combing through the sites for Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Penney, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Target, Macy’s, West Elm, Wayfair, Amazon, and probably others I am not recalling right now.

I couldn’t find one damn duvet cover I really liked.

The issue, I realized, is that I hate the area rug in my bedroom. My area rug is a gold and beige oriental on a black background. It is a relic from my old condo, where my walls were a lovely soft celery green.

The wall color I chose for my bedroom here is a copy greyish blue. It doesn’t work with my old area rug.

Ultimately, I purchased a duvet cover my wallet would enjoy. It’s from Wayfair and it’s on sale for $23. It will do.

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Kiril Duvet Cover Set
$23 from Wayfair. I’ll make it work.

I can’t wait for the new comforter and duvet cover to arrive.

When they do, and I pull that comforter on top of me for the first time, I imagine I will cry a little. It will be beautiful and nostalgic to feel it’s weight and warmth on me once again.

It will feel like coming home.

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