Appreciating Stillness

I spent my Friday night reading and listening to the sound of rain pounding down outside my windows.

No screens. No music. No TV. (Benefits of a Digital or Screen Detox for ADHD Symptoms)

Just the tap tap tap tap tap of raindrops on the metal of my oven vent and the shhhhh of water pouring down over leaves.

Featured Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya from Pexels

It had been a chaotic day of meetings, starting at 7 am and going right up until 3 pm, when it was time to leave work and go home.

The dream of comfortable clothes, my couch, my cats, and my book was with me the whole day long.

At 3:00 on the nose, I left work and came straight home. I changed into the warmest, coziest comfy clothes I own. I lay down on my couch with my book. My cats jumped up to sprawl on top of me.

And I immediately fell sound asleep for a while, with the warm limp heavy little bodies of my kitties on top of me, weighing me down.

When I woke, I picked up my book and fell into it as deeply as I had fallen asleep a while earlier.

My current read: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

I haven’t enjoyed an evening of reading so much in years. It’s been a horrible challenge to focus well enough to really fall deeply into a book in that way. Before the relationship, before anxiety and whatever else is going on started taking over my brain, it was something that came easily to me. He didn’t like it when I fell into a book and didn’t make him my focus, and gradually, I stopped reading.

Last night, multiple hours passed by without me noticing. It was only when the cats started getting animated did I realize it was long past the time for their dinner and mine.

They ate while I heated up a container of Instant Pot Chili for myself (recipe). And then we congregated back on the couch and continued our cuddling and our reading and our raindrop listening until it was time for bed.

It was a glorious evening.

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