Christmas Sweaters for Cats and other nonsensical distractions

The web page in front of me showed a vast array of Christmas sweaters for cats, and I was thinking, “I wonder which of these will look best with Abigail’s coloring?”

I was supposed to be working and I had no idea how my workflow had fallen so far off the rails that I was looking at Christmas sweaters for my cats.

Sadly, this is fairly normal for me. My brain does not behave in any predictable fashion. It will jump between topics and tasks without warning, sometimes so quickly that I can’t keep up.

It’s no wonder then that this blog has no central theme. I do my best to keep each post to just one topic, but it’s often a massive struggle.

I find writing comes most easily when done first thing in the morning. When writing at that time, I don’t have to try to stay on topic or even to come up with things to write about. Words arrive on their own without me needing to struggle to find them. Thoughts arrive that I wasn’t aware I had, but knew had been niggling and slithering around in my brain, escaping focus when I tried too hard to train my eyes on them.

What I wrote yesterday about dating had been swirling around in my head for a while and didn’t come out until it flowed unintentionally during a morning writing session. (Thoughts on trying to date again)

Moving my workday so it starts and ends two hours earlier has been a delight in many ways, but my morning writing has suffered. Truth be told, it was suffering for a while before I changed my hours, too.

For many years, I’ve enjoyed the ritual of stumbling out of bed, pouring coffee, and immediately sitting down to write for a spell before getting ready for work. This habit became more sporadic in recent months. I was still doing the stumbling out of bed, pouring coffee, and sitting down part. Somehow the writing part wound up supplanted by Twitter or that stupid Design Home game I find so addicting.

And since changing my work hours, I’ve not indulged in morning writing at all.

Today is different. I am writing the first draft of this post on my phone while cooking eggs and toast for breakfast.

I am not sitting down, though, and I feel frenzied because of it. I wish I were better able to focus on what I am writing right now.

However, if I sit down I won’t get back up. I’ll wind up with a blanket and two cats on me while I say “just one more minute” to myself for half an hour or more.

Ah but these quiet early hours are truly when I do my best writing, and I miss it.

I’m already waking up at 5:30 every day, but I believe it might be worth my efforts to wake up at 5 so I can get a little writing done before I breakfast and shower.

Perhaps I’ll give it a try. It doesn’t sound feasible, but maybe it is worth trying.

For now, though, you’ll have to excuse me. I have more shopping to do.

This post contains affiliate links. And I’m thinking the Blueberry Pet Vintage sweater in Festive Red would be darling on Abigail.

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