A week of dingbats

It’s Saturday! Finally! I don’t think I’ve been this happy for a weekend in ages.

It was a long week. For some it might sound silly to hear someone say working every day was exhausting, but for me, working every day was exhausting.

And there were a number of things I did to cause this, a number of factors well within my control that I royally screwed up.

The first is only partially my fault.

My prescriber, the nurse practitioner I see who writes my prescriptions for my ADHD and anti depression medications, is a dingbat. I’ve known this for a while. I’ve received referrals for new people but haven’t gotten around to calling any of them, because it would be One More Thing that needed to be done on any given day and I often have a very difficult time either remembering or, if I do remember, summoning the energy or motivation to do One More Thing.

Thus, I’m still seeing the prescriber I know is a dingbat.

I sent a refill prescription for Wellbutrin to the pharmacy last Thursday knowing I was out of refills and they would need to contact the dingbat. And knowing that the dingbat is horrible at remembering to do what she must to address requests like this, I actually remembered to send the prescription in 5 days early so I wouldn’t run out and be stuck in a lurch.

It’s happened with my ADHD medication several times and it stinks.

The early notice didn’t work though. Five days came and went, with the pharmacy sending a few notifications about the prescription being delayed while they waited for approval. I received these notifications and kept intending to send a note to the dingbat but forgetting.

I took my last pill on Monday and still forgot to shoot her a text. I didn’t remember until I went to take a pill on Tuesday morning and realized I was out.

At that point, I texted her and asked her to respond to the pharmacy, and only then did she do so. So, the prescription was filled on Tuesday.

I meant to pop by the pharmacy on the way home on Tuesday. I forgot.

On Wednesday I gave in to a tomato craving. I mentioned Bolognese being on my mind on a bad way in a different post… The restaurant around the corner from my office had a lasagna Bolognese as their lunch special. I couldn’t resist.

The good news is I confirmed once and for all that tomatoes absolutely do make me feel like shit. In the past when I’ve indulged in this lasagna I thought it was the dairy or gluten causing my symptoms, but recent experiments have proven the bulk of the issue is the tomatoes.

I spent Wednesday afternoon in a tired, achy haze. Again I forgot to hit the pharmacy on the way home Wednesday evening.

All day Thursday was the same as Wednesday afternoon. I was exhausted and had that awful “I feel like I’m coming down with something” exhaustion and achiness that I now know happens when I overdo it with tomatoes. I made it through the day dreaming of the moment when I could get home and put my cozy pajamas back on.

It wasn’t until just after I’d gotten home and changed into my pjs that I remembered I’d needed to go to the pharmacy. It was dark out and pouring rain and I was so incredibly tired, and I knew I would have to suffer whatever consequences skipping one more dose brought.

I fell asleep at 8:30 that night and slept soundly until my alarm went off at 5 the next morning.

There were things at work that made the week long and frustrating, too, and those were completely outside my control. The lack of communication between different areas of my company has improved in recent years, but is still horrible and presents it’s own challenges at times.

This week presented many of those challenges and contributed to my exhaustion.

Plus, my period is due any second, so there’s crankiness, a desire to hibernate, and some lovely bloating happening from that, too.

It was a week of struggling to catch up with changing requirements while very much not having my usual meager faculties working even at normal levels of sluggishness, and I am very glad it is now the weekend. I plan to stay at home with books and movies and not leave the house once, and I am very happy about these plans.

And I will definitely set some reminders on my phone or something so I remember to call some of the prescribers who have been recommended to me, because good gracious, I’m on medications because I can barely manage myself and my own to-do list. Needing to micromanage a dingbat prescriber is not a burden I have it in me to continue dealing with.


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