Attempting to recapture travel vibes

I am writing this at 7:30 am. I am at a bakery, with a croissant and a double espresso in front of me, along with The Miniaturist, in case I decide to stay longer than anticipated and want some reading material.

I am here because I am longing for France. (Twenty-two days by train in France)

I am missing my mornings relaxing in little neighborhood cafes, sipping a double espresso and eating a croissant, while I play on my phone and catch up with the people and news back home before I start the activities of the day.

This neighborhood bakery in which I sit now is a reasonable substitute for this experience. It doesn’t completely satisfy my longing, but it’s a far cry better than sitting at home doing nothing.

Plus, I was surprisingly restless this morning as the sky outside started to lighten. I didn’t want to miss these early hours. Staying at home in my pajamas felt wasteful. I wanted to be out during the sun-up.

Thus, I am now sitting alone at a small table for two, and have been lingering here for a while. I am comfortable on a cushioned bench seat with an empty chair across from me.

At the table to my right is a tall, dark-haired man in his mid to late 30s. His shoulders are broad, his waist narrow, his glasses and facial stubble stylish. He wears a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants. Both are clean and new, and fit him well.

To my left is a slightly younger, slimmer, sandy-haired gentleman. He is in a long-sleeved T, slim-fitting jeans with the bottoms folded up perfectly, and hiking boots.

Both are attractive.

Perhaps I should do this more often?

The croissant isn’t nearly as good as those I had in France. It’s heavier and less flavorful. The espresso is middling, as well.

And yet, it’s better than what I would be able to make for myself at home, and there are many other bakeries I might try. I could do my own croissant-seeking tour of the region if I chose.

Regardless, getting out of the house on a weekend morning and enjoying the morning golden hour in the quiet company of strangers with the muffled bustle of commerce around me has made me happy today.

This seems worth doing again sometime.


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