A healthy unhealthy dinner: Maple and brown sugar acorn squash

Once a year I indulge in stuffed squash for dinner. A whole acorn squash, with maple syrup and brown sugar and butter, and that’s it. That’s dinner.

I love it and it feels ridiculously indulgent. Usually I watch Hocus Pocus while I eat.

Last night was the night for this annual ritual. I bought the squash weeks ago, but was waiting until the mood felt right.

The trees outside my windows are ablaze with reds and oranges. It’s long past time to start turning on my heat. And the weather is often grey, dark, and drizzly.

It was time for a soothing fall tradition.

This year, I kicked things up a notch by using this recipe instead of just winging it:

It’s to die for. No butter, and adding cinnamon, ginger, and just a little salt takes this treat to a whole new level.

Please consider doing this for yourself sometime soon. You deserve it.

Happy Monday!

Featured Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels


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