Avoiding nightshades = culinary misery

Warning: There is going to be a lot of whining in this post. Like, Olympic level whining content.

Because I’m miserable. Life without most nightshades is fine. It’s bearable.

Life without hot peppers is misery.

Even my favorite pumpkin chili has chili powder and chopped green chiles. I mean, I should have assumed, but it wasn’t until I looked at the recipe in order to create my grocery list that I realized it. I’m going to make it without those things, and substitute my own spice blend for the chili powder, but my god… why bother?

Nightshade-free recipes I’ve found look absolutely revolting. I feel the same way about them as I do about vegan recipes that try to substitute weird alternative ingredients for meat and dairy and then try to convince people they’ll never know the difference.

No. People know the difference. Look, vegans, do what you want to do, but please understand your recipes taste like absolute shit to me and to most people who are used to eating meat and/or dairy. Your substitutes are crap. Your food just tastes weird. Happy for you if you enjoy it but my god stop trying to convince me your food is delicious. It can be. I’ve had some amazing vegan food in my life. It’s horrible when you’re trying to make it seem like something it isn’t, though.

This rage and frustration and disgust about recipes for vegan meat and dairy substitutes are the exact feelings I have when I review the search results for nightshade-free recipes.

List of nightshades: https://healingautoimmune.com/list-of-nightshades-foods

I have zero interest in any recipe that tries to convince me I won’t miss the super obvious ingredient the recipe needs. Forget curry without curry, tomato sauce without tomatoes, buffalo chicken without hot sauce, baba ganoush without eggplant, or any of these other ridiculous things I keep finding.

TRUST ME. I’m definitely going to miss that ingredient.

I fucking hate this. I don’t want to make something that makes me think about the ingredients I am trying to avoid and long for the real thing. I want to make something completely new, something with flavor combinations I haven’t tried before. I want to feel like I’m making a yummy new recipe like I do all the time anyway and like nothing special or different is going on.

I need help. Some of you must avoid nightshades, too. What are some of your favorite recipe sites? Favorite slow cooker and instant pot recipes?

I’m so frustrated trying to figure out what to make and so disgusted by everything I’ve found thus far. Help me? Please?

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