Financial solutions and headway disorientation update

I’m terrible at managing my finances. Well, rather, I’m quite good at managing my finances, in that I know exactly how much is left after necessities are covered and I track everything well and pay all my bills on time.

When I say I’m terrible at managing my finances, I suppose what I mean is I’m terrible at controlling my spending.

I opened a new checking account yesterday to try to manage this. I know I only have a certain amount to use as “play money” every month. My goal is to transfer this amount into this new checking account at the beginning of every month. I’m hoping this strategy will help me keep myself in check better than other methods I’ve tried.

Hehe. “In check.”

I’m proud of myself for finally doing this. I’ve been meaning to for a while.

In unrelated news, I finally had my doctor’s appointment yesterday. As expected, I’ve been referred to a neurologist. It’s sounding doubtful that anyone will have any answers for me, though, which is pretty much what I’d expected.

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