A creeeeepy Halloween tale

When I woke up I could hear the sound of something breathing. It was very close to me, whatever it was.

My bedroom door stays closed when I sleep. My two cats stay in the living room. And yet, there was something breathing.

At first, I thought it was my imagination. Or, perhaps, what I was hearing was my own breathing.

I held my breath. Nope. The breathing sound continued.

There was definitely something in the room with me.

Bracing myself, I opened my eyes to survey the room…

The bedroom door was ajar.

Turning my head, I could see right next to my pillow, sleeping softly, was a pure black cat.

My cat. My Oliver.

Fucking Oliver somehow made his way into my bedroom, and freaked me the hell out on Halloween morning.

Ugh. Thanks, bud.

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