Whoa… I actually completed the whole task

Yesterday the clocks changed, and I celebrated the onset of longer evenings by setting up string lights through my entryway, living room, and dining room.

One hundred and twelve feet of continuous space. I hung command strip mini-hangers at 18″ intervals throughout the entirety of it.

It took six hours.

Folks, I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I got that done. I didn’t give up. I didn’t get distracted and move on to other tasks. I got all those measurements done, the wall cleaned with alcohol in each spot, the hooks hung, and I did it completely by myself.

I don’t think “proud of myself” even begins to describe this feeling. Astonished might be more like it. Overwhelmed with disbelief.

And, yes, proud.

I had Netflix Christmas movies playing all day while I worked. They’re my favorites these days. I don’t have access to Hallmark since cutting the cord on cable, but I think I like the Netflix ones better anyway.

I watched Christmas Inheritance, The Holiday Calendar, and Christmas With A View. Old favorites, all. The rule is I’m not allowed to watch any classic Christmas movies or any I’ve never seen before until after Thanksgiving. Plus, I know these ones well enough that I don’t particularly need to watch the screen to enjoy them. The audio alone does the trick.

(I didn’t watch The Spirit of Christmas, because there’s no way I can have that one on and not watch it. It’s glorious and definitely a favorite. I actually won’t allow myself to watch it until after Thanksgiving because I love it so much. I usually fail at that and watch it multiple times throughout the season, though.)

When I finished with all the hooks, it was around 5:00 and it was getting dark. I opened a lovely Pinot Noir and ordered a pizza.

For weeks now it has felt odd to me that sunset isn’t until almost 6:00. I’ve been ready for this for a while. As far as I’m concerned, the holiday season has now officially arrived.

Folks, I’m buzzing with excitement. I have to say… I’m doing a terrible job holding back squeals of joy.

Spring and Summer are not my seasons. Fall and Winter, though… I love these long, cozy evenings. I love the dark.

My happiness cannot be contained. It knows no bounds. And I have added even more cheer to an already overflowing cup by using string lights inside my home. I cannot stop smiling about it!

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