A Day of Agonizing Pain

Is it normal for problems to become even more agonizingly painful shortly after starting physical therapy?

At much urging from friends, I finally looked into seeing a physical therapist for my hip and lower back issues. My first appointment was Friday. Today is Wednesday. There are a few stretches and core strengthening exercises that were recommended and I have a second appointment on Friday if this week.

My pain level yesterday was at 10. “Blinding” doesn’t even begin to describe it. There were several times when I couldn’t move at all. Even reaching for the water on my desk would send shooting pain through my back and hips. I often had to pause after each small movement. The pain made everything go white and I was concerned I might faint.

It didn’t matter much whether I was seated or standing. Nothing provided any relief until I got home and could lie down.

It’s now 5:30 am the next day and the pain is hovering at around level 6. I’m sure it will get worse through the day. I’m going to go to work, though, because why not? It’s not like staying at home will be any more comfortable and at least at work I’ll have distractions.

The thing that strikes me as possibly good is the pain isn’t only on my left side as it usually is. It’s through my entire lower back, both hips, and down both outer thighs. I’ve never felt it on my right side before. Is this a sign that the stretches and exercises are working? That perhaps I’m starting to use both sides more evenly rather than heavily favoring my left?

Today’s post is mostly a whiny ramble, I know. I don’t actually expect any of you to know whether this pain is normal or not. I took copious notes yesterday and will discuss it with my PT on Friday.

But, well, if any of you have ever experienced an increase in pain after starting physical therapy, it would be encouraging to know about it. Please let me know?

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