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Constant Exposure to Current Events is Harmful to Emotional Well-Being

All week long, I’ve been unable to write. Usually, I set up blog posts at night so they will publish the next morning. If for whatever reason that can’t happen, I’ll knock something out early in the morning while I have my coffee.

This week, I have had no ability to write. Or read, for that matter. My brain has been total mush. (I am dashing this off while eating a quick lunch. Skinnytaste Turkey Pumpkin Chili, in case you’re curious. Yes, it’s delicious.)

While conversing with a friend last night I realized the reason. It’s because I’ve been watching impeachment testimonies every day, and, on Wednesday, the democratic debate.

Once those have wrapped up at the end of the East Coast workday, I’ve been listening to the podcasts I trust for recaps and analysis.

By the time all of that is finished, I’m sick of words. I’m done with all the harm words can do, and the ways words can be so subjective in their meaning.

Thus, I’ve been enjoying other pursuits during my downtime. Mostly I’ve been playing an interior decorating game on my phone, but I also put together an idea board for furnishing my guest room. I hung out with friends. I made a new recipe (AIP friendly, instant pot, Paleo, keto, and delicious Chicken and Mushrooms! I highly recommend).

I haven’t forgotten my blog completely during this time, though. Ideas for several posts are swirling in my head and I’m looking forward to getting them started this weekend. I’m also looking forward to diving into the pile of books from the library that’s currently sitting on my coffee table.

None of us know what might be coming next on the political front. We think we know, yes. We certainly can make educated guesses, and believe there’s a high probability our guesses are accurate. But nothing is for certain until it happens, and there isn’t much we can do in the interim to affect any change we might wish to see.

What we can do is make sure we engage in appropriate self-care so we don’t get as exhausted and burned out as I did this week.

I didn’t need to watch as much of the proceedings as I did. It’s one thing to be aware of current events. It’s quite another to feel the need to watch every event unfold in real-time.

What I should have done is paid more attention to my state of mind and emotional state, and detached more than I did.

Read a book. Draw something. Get outside and go for a walk. Clean my house.


I did not do this, and I suffered for it, and I am glad it is over for now. And I’m very much looking forward to the weekend, and to next week’s short work-week. You may assume I will have a post about all I am thankful for at some point in the very near future.

Happy weekend, all. TGIF, amirite?

Person holding sign, "save our future"
Featured Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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