Beach trip, day 2

Somehow I wound up being one of the last to bed and one of the first to rise. There is coffee, but no bacon, and my soul suffers as a result.

I have secluded myself in the living room with coffee and this missive and hope the normal bacon-saturated morning scents of our beach trips will start wafting my way shortly.

My sleep was restless. I dreamed I was dating Mark Wahlberg and wow, was he needy. In the dream I was quite in love with him and happy with our relationship, and appreciated his body’s warmth and his love of snuggling. I just wished he didn’t need to be quite so physically attached to me all the time.

In the morning when I woke I realized I’d been sweltering hot all night. Ah, I thought. That explains it.

No idea why Mark Wahlberg was on my mind, though.

Today, there will be more food. There may be a walk on the beach in my future. There will almost definitely be a movie at some point, perhaps some reading, too.

Right now, however, Howard the pug puppy is refusing to allow me to pay attention to anything but him, so I will end here for today.

OMG this face. How could I possibly resist this face.

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