Honoring Achievements: Day 2

This year, I’m going to practice changing my unhealthy mindset. Instead of judging myself for what I do not do, and calling myself lazy, a slob, disorganized, stupid, and so on, I’m going to direct my focus towards things I’ve done that make me feel proud. I’m going to attempt to think less about what I failed to do. My hope is by doing this, I’ll get in the habit of thinking more highly of myself.

New Series: A Year of Daily Accomplishments

Yesterday was day 2 of this endeavor. There were a lot of challenges I managed to overcome, and for that, I feel proud.

I woke up on time and I did not hit snooze. I remembered to take my morning medications. I ate a healthy breakfast. I showered and I got dressed. I went to the office instead of staying at home in my pajamas. I even remembered to bring my lunch with me.

The library is near my workplace. I remembered to bring the books with me to work that needed to be returned, and I remembered to look at the library web site before walking over to see what was available.

I walked to the library and back. I borrowed three new books to read.*

While at the library, I couldn’t find one of the books I wanted to borrow. I asked a library employee for help. I accepted the assistance provided without shame.

After work, I went to the supermarket. I bought ingredients for recipes I will make today and tomorrow. I have done the prep work needed to create a series of meals that will nourish my body and will be a joy to eat.

…never underestimate the importance of even just a little bit of progress. One of the worst things, among an almost infinite number of shitty things, about depression is that it makes you feel hopeless and worthless and like you can’t do anything at all, let alone anything right. Setting yourself up for even the smallest positive accomplishment is so huge.

― Rachel Hoffman, Unf*ck Your Habitat: You’re Better Than Your Mess

The parking space I chose at the supermarket was far from the entrance to the store. I walked a little further than usual and did so on purpose.

When I finished my shopping and the lines at checkout were long, I walked a number of laps around the store until things settled down, rather than standing still and waiting.

My step count for the day was higher than average.

I honored my needs when I got home and I took a nap. I remembered to set a timer before lying down. I did not oversleep.

The dining room table needed to be cleared off. I had started the project the day before. Last night, I finished it.

I also tackled the pile of unopened mail I’ve ignored for months and put the contents away appropriately.

There was a dinner I thought of making that was both easy and satisfying. I bought a package of pre-chopped, pre-washed kale and one of diced ham, and I sauteed some of each together in butter. I remembered I had a bag of diced onion from the freezer section in my freezer. I added some to the frying pan. The resulting meal was delicious and I didn’t wear myself out making it.

I successfully kept my screen time to a minimum. No TV at all, and only a little time on my phone.

During that phone time, I discovered the Unfuck Your Habitat web site and pledged to spend more time with it this weekend.

I started reading a new book.

I went to sleep on time.

Were there things I wanted to get done and didn’t? Definitely. But damn, look at everything I managed to do. Go, me.

* The books I borrowed from the library, for those who are interested, are:
The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman (this is the one I started last night),
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, and
To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey.


  1. All of these things are awesome! It is important to focus on the little things, because they all add up to BIG changes in the end.

    I was proud of the fact that I wrote out my Days of Gratitude for myself. 🙂 I will continue to do this through January.

    1. The little things do add up, it’s true! And yet it’s so easy to overlook them, and instead to focus on the larger things that have yet to be accomplished. It’s challenging to try to remember and honor all the things that have been done.

      YAY for doing your Days of Gratitude! Is that on your blog? I’ll take a look!

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